The Mount Denali in Alaska is 6190 meters, the highest mountain in North America. He is one of the Seven Summits, the highest peaks of the seven continents. In the case of mountain in the Denali is popular, even though he is much lower than the ten-eight-thousander-peaks of the Himalayas. Every year, about 1200 climbers storms on the summit and left behind in the course of the zuückliegenden decades, significant amounts of feces. The stinking Remains could be the Problem, now report several US media, based on the glaciologists Michael Loso by the National Park Service.

The biggest Problem is therefore, as with the feces in the last few years has been dealt with: The legacies were usually buried or in crevasses disposed of. It is suspected that he was going to be ground up feces by the enormous forces of the glacier and the connection is no longer detectable. But that is not true, as showed Loso on the basis of experiments. Accordingly, the feces will be trapped in the ice and the wall of the glacier further into the valley to be transported – where he thaws finally, muddy and wet.


Mount Everest: the Melting of snow bodies creates free

rising temperatures due to climate change accelerate this process, according to the scientist. He expects that the Kotreste of the lowest Camps could already thawing during this year’s climbing season. The climbing season starts in April. “We expect that it will always smell and bad appearance,” says Michael Loso to “USA Today”.

the feces that has been disposed of in the vicinity of the highest camp, is expected to thawing, according to the calculations, in two hundred to three hundred years.

excrement should henceforth, in doses of

the scale of The problem shows an example calculation: According to the National Park Service mountain produce climbers on Denali each year, around two tons of feces. The website legacy of a man weighs about a pound. In the average mountain spend Steiger 18 days on the Denali. Since the beginning of the tourist mountain climbing in the 1970s, gathered in this way, estimate to 66 tons of excrement.

The Problem should now be addressed: Some of the mountaineering leader, have volunteered to pack the feces of their group, now in cans. This means that the legacies to the summit and back down again. “Rum is already carrying 50 kilograms of equipment, and then ten kilograms of excrement added to it,” said Todd Burleson, President of the climbing club “Alpine ascent’s” to “USA Today”. “But it is the Right thing to do.”

The Denali is not the only mountain of the climbers and visitors to contaminated: there are Similar problems on the top of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. There is too much feces on the world’s highest mountain, said Ang Tshering Sherpa, the world respected Sherpa, already a few years ago. Faeces and urine contaminated, therefore, the earth and could cause the spread of diseases. He urged mountain climbers to do this, all the legacies to take.