The concern for the Disappearance of 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch from Berlin is unbroken. Especially your parents, want to finally know what happened to her daughter. The police are more than 1200 information from the public on the case now – some of them suggested already last week to the area near the A 12 motorway between Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder. There the car of the suspect’s brother-in-law, Florian R. was recorded on the decisive day. From Thursday to Saturday, the police had intensified the search for the corpse of the 15-Year-old in a forest in Storkow is 50 km South of Berlin. Hundreds of police and cadaver dogs combed the area without success. By Rebecca no trace.

three weeks

case Rebecca: police backs new search tracks


After the search had been set then, first, disappeared, the police announced today, Tuesday: Murder in the Commission of crime technician, search dogs and Technical assistance are again in use, the respective forest areas. This time, they expanded the search with boats and divers to the nearby Wolziger lake. There is new evidence? A police spokeswoman confirmed to the star that the search was resumed. There is, however, no new evidence, but they work only hints of the past days.

police are looking for Evidence against Rebecca’s brother-in-law

want to hang on Disappearance of Rebecca’s and the car ride to the brother-in-law at all? Can be found the presumably dead girl in this area at all? Rebecca is since the 18th century. February missing. Previously you should have in the house of your sister and your brother-in-law, Florian R. stayed in. As the police assumes, that you didn’t leave the house, your only option is The 15-Year-old was killed there and then taken away. The brother-in-law is under suspicion. A monitoring system had registered the Bordeaux red Twingo on two different trips on the motorway A12: on the day of the disappearance, in the direction of Frankfurt/Oder and the day after, the 19. February – apparently on the way back.

experts from the police and the THW are looking for Rebecca


What Florian R. with the trips the purpose of it is so far unclear. The man remains silent as to his motives for car journeys, after he had become entangled in his previous statements several times in contradictions. In the Twingo, the family, investigators had found traces of Rebecca and fibers from the the house of the sister and brother-in-law disappeared fleece blanket. Florian R. is in custody. However, evidence for a possible case of homicide, the absence of the police so far – in particular, because there is no body of the Missing.

Last Wednesday, presented the police case in the ZDF-show “aktenzeichen XY” to an audience of millions. According to the investigators, the need to prioritize the information received and processed, you want to witnesses the suspect, Florian R. in the forest seen. The three-day search in the woods near Storkow, near the Village of kummersdorf. The banks of the Wolziger lake is directly adjacent to this area.

car trips because of a drug deal?

The unexplained fate of the young Berliner is close to many people. The young people might still be alive, if no body is found? The brother-in-law is innocent? Rebecca’s father himself had unleashed speculation in this direction, he said to the newspaper Bild, the car rides of his son-in-law had served in the resolution of drug deals in Poland.