evil Clowns, Zombies, psychopaths: This is the stuff of Stephen king novels usually are knitted. Millions of people around the world, he has brought so thrilled and at the same time to your sleep.

Kings new plant “survey” will now turn to a subject that – let’s say cautious – rather rare in the Roman world, even if it may be used as a material for a horror story: weight problems in men.

The sounds lapidarer, as it is. King would not be King, if he would not draw it to create the reader within a few pages into the story. This weight problems he linked to just 144 pages fix with the narrow-mindedness of a US small town, in times of a President Trump, with homosexuality, and – well, of course, is, after all, a King and Fears of death.

In the centre of the new plant of the well-fed Scott, slimming rapidly weight, his shape, but not changed. During the pounds, remains Scott’s belly, what it is: a belly. A medical phenomenon? Scott confides in his good friend Dr. Ellis. But also is clueless.

For Scott, a simpleton worthy of love from the American province, is not the only Problem. He has two new neighbours that have dogs, make it easier on Scott’s lawn, but the are also a Couple of. While Scott has more problems with dog excrement, disturbs the small town of Castle Rock’s more to the sexual orientation of the two ladies. Lesbians, “lesbians”, as it is called, a Young (“The daddy said”): This is a curiosity, the Castle Rock and the more experienced. And also wanted to experience how quickly.

In Castle Rock has a King been more frequently his stories play. From the fictional location of King returns, this time up-to-date feed of Trumps America. Here are selected according to King, three-quarters of the people in the US election of 2016, Republican, homosexual couple are out of place here. Changes – Dr. Ellis, for example, is called a of all is still “Doctor Bob”, although he is already long in the rest – to be seen in Castle Rock reluctant.

Above all, circling the question of what it must have been like with Scott’s weight. We have to do with a metaphor for our society today, the decreases in class, visually, but looks as ever? A: The Short King invites you to Think about. And if it is only for two entertaining hours on the Couch.

What Kings combines new novel with his older works, is certainly the penchant for the Supernatural and Suspicious. There the similarities stop but also a person to get all of “It” or “Carrie” nightmares, the right mood, “survey” confident and good. In the microcosm of Castle Rock from the heart, lack of friendship, from a change in society shy away from the lightness of Being is developed through a simple popular race in the end.

“survey” about weight that can fall from the shoulders, to freedom and friendship, the for Scott of the highest Good. The short novel is but also of prejudice, and acceptance. That is a lot for not even 150 novel pages. And in the end the realization that you can stay in old patterns of thinking remains much more exciting is and remains always the New and open-hearted.

Stephen King: the collection. Heyne Verlag, Munich, 144 pages 12,00 Euro ISBN 978-3-453-27202-6


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