The Short messages in the Overview:

Stephan E. confesses to murder of Lübcke (8.55), Iran wants no war with USA ( 8.19 PM) Snow Patrol from say concerts (7.59 PM)Scholz warns SPD prior to the course, such as in Denmark (5.08 p.m.)-in-chief of the U.S. customs and border protection resigns (0.12 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 8.55 PM Stephan E. confesses to murder of Lübcke +++

In the murder case, Lübcke the suspect, Stephan, E. a confession. This attorney General Peter Frank reported on Wednesday in the Bundestag Committee on internal Affairs, as groups of Participants was reported. The reason for the fact, his outrage over Lübckes Statements in the year 2015 had been on the refugee policy, report to the NDR, WDR and SZ. He had acted alone and no accomplice and confidant, had. The Kassel government President Walter Lübcke (CDU) had been shot at the beginning of June.

+++ 8.24 PM: volcano Ulawun on New Guinea, puffs of ash clouds from a +++

The volcano Ulawun in Papua new Guinea, considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, has launched on the Wednesday of ashes. The volcanic activity started in the Morning, after it had previously given a rumbling noise and a slight ejection, said Leo Porikura of the local civil protection authority. The authorities issued a warning of level one, indicating a possible imminent eruption.