Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier has warned of the lack of a voice in society, because democracy need political dispute and compromise. “Our democracy is only as strong as we make them. It builds to the fact that we say our opinion, for our interests to argue. And it exposes us to the constant danger that the other might be right”, said the head of state in his pre-popular Christmas speech. “The ability to compromise is the strength of democracy.”

The Germans were always talking less to each other and listened to even less of each other. “Wherever you look, especially in the Social media: Since it is gifted, since the noise and the daily outrage,” he said. “Even more than the noise of some and the Silence of many others worried me.”

Frank-Walter Steinmeier: “We all belong to this country”

more and more people would prefer to be back among their own kind, in their own bubble of Perception, in which all agree to be – also, who am one of them. “Only so much we are annoyed with others, or you wish away us all, shall also apply in the morning, We all belong to this country, regardless of origin or skin color, of life, or favorite team,” said the Federal President.

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“I’m not from a Chancellor to be dismissed, just because of me, Chancellor”


“We have to re-learn, without foaming at the mouth, and learn our differences to endure.” Who was armed, could fight back, said Steinmeier. “But who can’t talk and not listen, comes closer to solutions. Speechlessness is at a standstill.”

Steinmeier called on the people to seek confrontations aware of: “Talk to people who are not of their opinion!” It was also his intent for the coming year. The company should stay with you in the conversation.

Germany is not protected against developments in other countries “”

What else could happen to that show in other countries: “We have witnessed the burning barricades in Paris, the depth of the political divisions in the United States, in great Britain before the Brexit, tear samples for Europe in Hungary, Italy and elsewhere.” Germany was not protected against such developments, he warned. “In our country there is uncertainty, there are Fears, there is anger.”

As Federal President, he experienced every day, that the democracy is strong, said the 62-Year-old. Who is involved, for example in the neighbourhood, in Clubs or in the city Council contribute to this strength. Steinmeier thanked everyone, the do to Christmas eve service “in hospitals or police stations, the fire Department or in an old people’s home, and abroad” – and concluded: “I am confident for what’s to come in the next year. And having this Confidence, I wish also to you personally.”

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