Actually, Frank-Walter Steinmeier in the evening, wanted to be back in Berlin. It came to nothing. Instead, the German head of state is stuck in the Ethiopian city of Addis Ababa. With around three hours of late, Steinmeier can take off finally, in the afternoon, with the government plane, according to the office of the Federal President.

to blame, once more: the flight readiness of the Bundeswehr. Also known and infamous as the Air breakdown. Official reason: “air issues” on the auxiliary work of the A340 “Theodor Heuss”.

A short chronicle of the roadside series

Steinmeier is suffering tested. Last June, he had to change trains just before the Start to Minsk in a spare machine – a part of the hydraulics had failed. So now Africa, again. Until the end of January, Steinmeier had remained in Botswana and South Africa almost has the same machine and for the same reason: problems with the auxiliary turbine. This Auxiliary Power Unit is not required to fly, to Start the turbines.

The re-incident, just a day after the presentation of the new military report, seems like a commentary on the ailing material situation of the German armed forces, the military representative of the force in it again. Because of the problems of flight readiness to accumulate, such as a brief chronicle of the last months shows:

In October, the stranded Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) following the meeting of the International monetary Fund on Bali. Mice had gnawed the Cables. Scholz and rod bays flight, the last free line places, to the displeasure of the travelling journalists to drop. The back remained.In December it hit the Chancellor and Airbus A340 on the way to the G20 Meeting in Buenos Aires. Only a Defect of the on-Board electronics, then a total failure of the radio equipment of the “Konrad Adenauer” forced the pilots about Holland to repentance. Emergency landing in Cologne-Wahn. From there, Merkel flew by line, via Madrid, to Argentina, to the peaks where the G19 had ever started.

And the new year starts ended in breakdown statistics, such as the last one:

at the beginning of January, it caught development Minister, Gerd Müller (CSU), also on a trip to Africa. At least Airbus was to blame this time, but one of the smaller Global 5000 from Bombardier, the plane had two breakdowns. The first Time in Malawi, where Müller just development aid, amounting to millions had been distributed. Replacement flew the Minister by line to Zambia. There are the fixed Global 5000 caught up with him – and suffered a re-breakdown. The reason: “Too much hot air”.

breakdown of government Aviator

What happens in case of an accident? Who would take over for Merkel?

“‘Made in Germany’ has suffered significant damage here in Africa. This is, of course, reported here,” the German Minister to the Protocol. “Who understands that we are detained here because of a valve in three days?” That would not happen to an African member of the government so, in short: “At the point we are a developing country”, moaned Müller and saved together with Delegation in-line machine back to Berlin. Tegel understands that the new BER airport is finally opened in 2433 days. But the other is roadside-history.

Everything half as wild, it was Peter Tauber. Whether the Steinmeier can be reconciled is questionable.

And in General: Everything half as wild, it was in December, Peter Tauber, the Parliamentary state Secretary in the Federal Ministry of defence in its reply to a small request to the AfD. Only 18 of the total of 1668 the use of flights in the “political-parliamentary flight operations” (“missions”) failed, within three years for technical reasons. As Of The End Of November. This corresponds to a failure rate of 1.08 percent, according to Tauber.

Without Merkel, without Miller and without Steinmeier. Anyway, it is questionable whether Tauber’s statistics can be reconciled with the Federal President, the hours in Addis Ababa has been sitting. But so far, all are still back in the home. Somehow.