Fox News is Donald trump’s favorite station, is known. Like the US President, but those on the Sunday morning, via Twitter, at the same time praised and admonished, that was, even for his standards, unusual. Fox News should remain strong”, and with all your strength against it to fight,” wrote Trump. “Sounds to work sooooo hard to be politically correct, what will bring you only to the case, and continue to fight for our country. These losers only want to have what you have. Don’t give it to you. Be strong and thriving, are weak and die,” he went on pathetically. The competition is just jealous. “You can’t beat you, you beat yourself.”

What was going on there? Like Trump in the Tweets write themselves, is he to Jeanine Pirro and Tucker Carlson, two of the most famous faces of Fox News and said Fans of Donald Trump. Both of them have their own shows, in which they explain to be snappy and aggressive with their view of things. Their Shows belong to the quota of the guarantors of the ultra-conservative radio station.

Currently, they make Fox News, however, problems, because both are, at least, see some advertising partners, least partially crossed the line. Several companies no longer wanted that your advertising is shown in their shipments, and with Pirro, and her program was broadcast on Saturday evening. “Bring back Judge Jeanine Pirro” has launched Trump on Sunday morning for his three-tweetige speech.

Jeanine Pirro, and Tucker Carlson is under pressure

on the provocative commentator, the excitement revolves primarily around their sets to the democratic politician, Ilhan Omar. The members of the house of representatives is wearing a head scarf, what to ask Pirro caused, whether she was a follower of the Sharia and against the Constitution of the United States.

Fox News distanced himself in an unusual step then of Pirros Statements, which had already fallen more than a week ago. Normally, the transmitter is behind its moderators, provoke for Fox, finally, to the business.

Saturday Night Live

Trump threatens to Shows that make fun of him, with the media supervision

When Tucker Carlson especially various Radio Interviews from 2006 to 2011, for excitement. The non-profit media monitoring project “Media Matters” that goes after anybody, especially the conservative media, had released a recording of these conversations recently. In it, Carlson defended, for example, a 27-Year-old who had Sex with a 16-Year-olds in the United States as a so-called statutory rape, i.e., rape, a serious criminal Offence. Elsewhere, he calls women “primitive” and Iranians are “a bunch of primitive, half-educated monkey” and again and again he uses hard English swear words.

Several companies withdrew after the publication of their advertisements from the environment of Carlson’s Show. Others, however, to their Engagement, the Show will continue to run on Fox News.

Donald Trump talks to Fox News to the Conscience

these are the two moderators of help from above now. “The radical-left Democrats work closely together with your favorite partner, the Fake-News media, and use every Trick you have TO BRING a majority of our country TO SILENCE,” says the President. Against “Fox-News-presenters, in which it runs to good,” would be campaigns to run. Fox News should remain of the people, “loyal to the have brought you to where you are today,” says Trump. “Fighting for Tucker, is fighting hard for Jeanine.”

a Few hours after the Tweet-series to put Trump again, and attacked three Fox-News-presenters that do not belong clearly to his favorites. If two of them had been trained by CNN, he asked in the room, behind heart Uschi just that they heard there, hung together with the third member.

In the meantime, he had shared a two-minute Clip from Fox News, which he liked much better than the “weekend moderators”, as he calls it. The Clip shows an Interview with a Sheriff that can tell for two minutes, how great Donald Trump is that “finally” something against the urgent problems and how glad he was that “this country finally has a real leader.”

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