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airports? Police gives the all-clear (16.08 PM)Vienna: shots in the center, a dead (14.54 PM) RAID due to spying from Stuttgart airport (11.55 PM)to Gladbeck: Two injured in illegal car race (9.11 p.m.)Czech Republic: 13 people killed in Explosion in mine (8.05 PM)

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+++ 16: 36: Stop In at racing: police suicide attempt +++ note

you Have suicidal thoughts? Help the phone offers pastoral care. It is anonymous, and round-the-clock, free of charge, accessible at: 0 800 / 111 0 111 and 0 800 / 111 0 222 . Also the communication via Chat or E-Mail is possible.

The police has arrested the driver who is in Recklinghausen in a crowd of people at a bus-stop racing, in the hospital. The investigators on the basis of the traces at the crime scene and interviews of a suicide attempt, as it was called in a communication to the police from Friday. The Bochum public Prosecutor’s office took over the investigation against the man.

At the time of his journey in the crowd, an 88-year-old Elderly woman had been fatally injured. The Herten-born 32-Year-old had been in the past in psychiatric treatment, also the apartment search I put no other motive close to. At the time of the murder on Thursday of the man had not been in possession of a valid driving licence. He was housed in a psychiatry.

+++ 16.28 PM: German President gets last in Germany, sponsored by piece of coal +++

In Germany is produced no coal. Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier received in the mine Prosper-Haniel in Bottrop, the last of the mined coal pieces. Seven miners had brought from the last in Germany, still promoting coal mine to the top. Thus, the Era of the industrial coal production in Germany ended after about 200 years. Now it is mined in Germany brown coal.

+++ 16.08 PM: police see no risk to the alleged spying of airports +++

After the alleged Exploits at the airports in Stuttgart and Paris, the investigators give the all-clear. Several house searches had not revealed any evidence for the preparation of an Islamist terrorist attack, such as the Stuttgart public Prosecutor, have informed the Federal police Directorate and the police in Reutlingen. The image had first reported about it.

+++ 15.02 PM: report: rights of police officers in Frankfurt sent might be relevant under criminal law news +++

The suspected right-wing extremist activities the Frankfurt police officers are supposed to have exchanged, according to a report in the magazine “mirror” around fifty potentially relevant to criminal law news. The WhatsApp messages exchanged it’s supposed to be swastikas, right-wing extremist cartoons, Hitler images and dehumanizing representations of refugees and disabled people, reported the “mirror” on Friday in advance. Your WhatsApp group was, therefore, the name “Itiot”.

investigators are checking according to the report, whether the police officers had to do business with a in the NSU trial as a co-plaintiff representative work of the Frankfurt attorney-at-law. This had received a Drohschreiben by Fax. “Immediately” before Sending a Fax, the information used as the private address of the lawyer, and the first name of your child to a Frankfurt police, had been retrieved by computer.

+++ 14.54 PM: shots in Wien: die Injured, probably not a terrorist act +++

After shots in the City of Vienna has died, according to the use of force is a human, another victim was seriously injured. The perpetrators would have fled after the fact at around 13: 30 on Friday. A manhunt was underway, said the police. The Area around the scene of the crime was large-scale shut off. Police officers were stationed with helmets and bullet-proof vests. A police helicopter was in use. reported that the shots had fallen in the area Lugeck in a small Passage between Wollzeile and Baker street, where the famous Schnitzel restaurant “Figlmüller” has a branch. Police press officer Daniel Prince said, “” that you do not go out at the moment by a terrorist attack. According to information from the police is hunting around the city for the culprit. The area around the crime scene will remain locked.

+++ 14.49 at: Duisburger baby, no siblings +++

there are bodies In the case of the dead baby Mia from Duisburg, a DNA-comparison with a further in Duisburg, Germany, discovered the dead infant is no Match. The two girls are not sisters, police said. The mother of Mia will be sought accordingly.

MIA’s body had been found in the middle of November in a sorting system for used clothing in the Polish city of Kielce. The dress collection came but from Duisburg. Investigators believe that the Baby was stored in a Container. As the suspects mother, a 35-Year-old from the district, was initially Rumeln. The youth welfare office had care for the woman.

+++ 14.31 PM: Turkey moves military offensive against Kurdish militia +++

The Turkey moves the announced military offensive against the Kurdish militia YPG in Northern Syria. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in Istanbul.

14.30: battery in pants pocket explodes: man suffers severe burns +++

A battery exploded in Bavaria in the pants pocket of a man. As the police reported, was driving the 32-Year-old the day before, in the upper Palatinate Amberg with his car from a Parking garage. In his pocket he had a cigarette two spare batteries for his E -. The information, according to one of the battery suddenly exploded and continued pants and jacket of the driver on fire.

Quickly the fire spread to the seat belt and the driver’s seat. In the result, the driver lost control of his car; in step speed, he drove into parked car. The 32-Year-old was ultimately achieved with the help of his co-driver, to extinguish the fire. The man suffered severe burns; the 31-Year-old brought him to a clinic.

+++ 13.39 at: Berlin police officer has been arrested for the rape of a prostitute in custody +++

A Berlin police officer on suspicion of raping a 24-year-old prostitute. The 45-year-old police official was strongly suspected, the woman detained a week ago in a Car and have to forced you not agreed sexual practices, informed the police and the General Prosecutor’s office in Berlin. He should have, among other things, with numerous punches miss and raped.

The police officers did the night of the 14th. December agreed in the district of schöneberg with the woman paid to have sex. The warrant was issued because the emergency and black – out danger, police said. the

+++ 12.42 PM: Russia: media supervisors check the program of the BBC World +++

The Russian media regulatory authority, the British broadcaster BBC in its sights – as a response to a similar action by the British media supervisors against a Russian broadcaster. It will examine whether the BBC World News had infringed in the broadcast in Russia against Russian laws, according to the Department of Roskomnadsor in Moscow. This decision is in the context of British media oversight authority, Ofcom, had accused the Kremlin of the middle channel RT on Thursday to have in the spring in seven cases, the party reported.

In the Report from RT it was, therefore, the poison attack on the former agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in March in English Salisbury. They had been attacked with the nerve poison Nowitschok. Both survived. The UK makes Russia responsible for the attack.

+++ 12.31 PM: the Suspect had a passenger control in Stuttgart in sight +++

In the case of the spying attempt at the airport in Stuttgart, the suspected Islamists had, especially the processes in the area of the passenger control. The baden-württemberg Minister of the interior Thomas Strobl (CDU) announced. They stopped in a striking way in the Terminals. “The investigation is to run the backgrounds of the spying trial at the Stuttgart airport.” Strobl confirmed that there is remuneration of the Suspects to the Islamist Milieu. Concrete information, he did not. The safety precautions have increased since the incident at the airports in the southwest. Information on a specific risk are not available currently.

+++ 12.25 PM: investigators: Peggy shortly after her Disappearance murdered +++

In the case of the murder of Peggy, the investigators believe that the nine-year-old pupil shortly after her Disappearance on 7. May 2001 was killed. This Prosecutor and the police shared in Bayreuth. After the arrest of the 41-year-old suspect less than two weeks ago will be determined against any other accused. The interrogation of the man in September had been recorded on Video. The Accused have had the opportunity to contact a defence lawyer, said the investigators. This right he had not perceived. The man has now lodged a complaint against Detention.

+++ 12.07 PM: the world population is growing to 7.67 billion people +++

The world’s population will grow at the beginning of 2019 to more than 7,67 billion people. The are around 83 million more than the previous year, informed the German Foundation for world population (DSW) in Hannover. Particularly strong and the population is growing in Africa. There, you will double, according to current estimates by the United Nations of today, around 1.3 billion people expected to be around 2.5 billion by the year 2050, almost.

+++ 11.55 PM: searches for spying suspected at Stuttgart airport +++

In connection with the possible Exploits at Stuttgart airport, it came to searches in the North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg. There are two objects in North Rhine-Westphalia and in Baden-Württemberg searched, said a spokesman for the Stuttgart Prosecutor’s office. It will be determined against four Accused persons, arrested have not given initially.

The spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office initially wanted to make no indication of where exactly the found search. To not also expressed to the four accused, he specifically. He was only able to provide that against you on suspicion of preparing a serious seditious act of violence will be determined. The authorities intend to publish in the course of the day for more information about the investigation.

+++ 11.35 am: police in Norway holds murder video from Morocco for real +++

A Video that shows suspected of the murder of a Scandinavian tourist in Morocco is of the opinion that the Norwegian police are most likely real. Although technical analysis is not yet fully completed, informed the investigator in Oslo. But there is no indication “that the Video is authentic”, it said. The verification, in cooperation with the Danish authorities took.

The bodies of two 24 -, and 28-year-old students from Norway and Denmark had been found on Monday at the foot of mount Toubkal. The Moroccan police arrested four Suspects. After the fact, a Video appeared on the Internet, which is how an apparently young woman with a knife, the head is cut off.

+++ 11 am: poll: CDU and the greens in Saxony is easy to +++

In Saxony, the CDU and the greens, have a poll in the polls. The CDU wins a point and now stands at 29 percent, such as from the “Saxony-Trend” by the opinion research Institute Insa for the “image”-newspaper. The Greens are on nine per cent (plus two points). The AfD is unchanged at 25 percent, the Left keeps its value from the previous survey and is 18 percent.

The SPD loses a point and is now at ten percent. Also, the FDP are to the point and comes at six per cent. The last of the “Saxony was created-Trend” at the end of August.

+++ 10.39 PM: attorney General has risen to 2018 against 905 alleged Islamists +++

determines The number of investigative proceedings against suspected Islamist terrorists in the last three years dramatically. The response of the Federal government to a request of the FDP parliamentary group, which is present the German press Agency. In the year 2015, the attorney General had initiated, therefore, 108 proceedings against Suspects from the Islamist Milieu. In 2017, there were 1052 proceedings against 1173 Beschuldigte. This year (as of 10. December) were 855 cases against a total of 905 suspects.

Although set in the past year, a variety of investigation procedures. Here is the suspicion that, in particular, Afghans accuse often wrong, in order to avoid deportation. The consistently high Numbers of issued warrants and convictions demonstrate, however, that acute high risk situation in Germany.

+++ 10.34 PM: BDI: Germany loses in terms of innovation the connection +++

Germany is still one of the most innovative countries in the world: The Federal Republic of Germany occupies in the international comparison in fourth place behind Singapore, Switzerland, and Belgium, such as the Federal Association of German industry (BDI) announced on Friday. The distance to the top but is larger, has warned of the business Association. “This is a Trend that needs to stop,” demanded BDI-chief Dieter Kempf. The policy had to act.

The BDI is a year, the innovation strength of 35 economies to investigate. This year, Singapore took the lead of Switzerland, which had stood for 13 years at the top. The Federal Republic of Germany standing at the top of a “hard-fought midfield,” said the BDI: Sweden, the USA and the UK, followed at a small distance. China is currently ranked 25 – the innovation performance of the people’s Republic of walkways but is currently three times faster than that of the EU.

+++ 10.17 PM: After a fatal accident: Uber Tests with self-driving cars back on +++

The robot car of the travel service intermediary Uber, nine months after a deadly accident on the road. On Thursday, the Autonomous test were recorded driving in the city of Pittsburgh, like Uber confirmed. Previously, the transport authority of the state of Pennsylvania had approved this. In San Francisco and in Toronto, Canada as the cars are first of all of the people controlled on-the-go. Uber stresses, since the accident we have improved the security arrangements.

The robot car Tests had been discontinued after one of the vehicles in March, had killed a pedestrian in Arizona. It was the first and so far only fatal accident with a self driving car.

+++ 10.09 PM: After a Spying attempt: Increased police presence at the airport Stuttgart +++

After the suspected Exploits at Stuttgart airport, the police presence there for the time being increased. The Federal police will receive their on Wednesday evening initiated measures to Further maintain, said a spokesman on Friday. According to information from the southwest German radio, the police are looking for four people.

Two of them are supposed to be father and son from North Rhine-Westphalia. They were noticed by the French police after the attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market, as you have to have done at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport photos from the Terminal. It was the same men who had also been in Stuttgart sighted, reported the SWR. The spokesman for the Federal police of Baden-Württemberg did not want to comment. He could neither confirm nor deny.

+++ 9.35 PM: artist and poet F. W. Bernstein died +++

The draughtsman and poet F. W. Bernstein is dead. The artist, whose name was actually Fritz Weigle, died on Thursday after a long illness at the age of 80 years, told the Caricatura Museum in Frankfurt on Friday. Amber was mainly for his work for the satirical magazine “Pardon” and “Titanic” as well as a co-founder of the “New Frankfurt school”. He lived in Berlin.

+++ 9.28 PM: VW sweeps up to 7000 Points in Emden and Hannover +++

When the E-car production could be cut at the VW sites in Emden and Hannover, a total of up to 7000. This is only possible if old-age part-time arrangements would be fully exploited, told the German press Agency from well-informed circles. In this case, up to 4000 Points in Hannover and up to 3000 could be deleted in Emden. But this is only possible on a voluntary Basis. In Hanover, a good 10 000 Workers, in Emden, about 6000 remained. Previously, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reported about it.

the Background is that the production of electric cars is considered to be less expensive. The conversion of cushion on the two sites, it was agreed a guarantee of employment until the end of 2028. At the same time can result to dpa-information about future jobs around the Megatrend of digitisation in the works. Temporary employees, Volkswagen plans to offer contracts in the case of Porsche and the VW plant in Kassel.

+++ 9.11 PM: Two injured in illegal car races in NRW +++

In the case of an illegal car race in Gladbeck in North Rhine-have been injured, Westphalia, two people. In the race between an 18-Year-old and a 21-Year-old, it came on Thursday evening to a serious accident, the police announced Recklinghausen. The car of 18-Year-old came thus into a Skid and crashed into several parked cars. The youth and his co-driver were injured. They came then to the hospital.

In the case of the accident, the property was, according to initial estimates, in addition, damage of at least EUR 80,000. The 21-year-old driver of the other vehicle was identified in the course of the investigation quickly. The police took him and the 18-Year-old their driver’s licenses.

+++ 8.29 PM: murder on backpack tourist: for More information on Terror +++

the references to an act of terrorism compress After the murder of two Scandinavian tourists in Morocco. The Moroccan investigators have studied the authenticity of Videos in which the four arrested Suspects IS-chief Abu Bakr al Baghdadi make an oath of allegiance, informed the Prosecutor’s office late on Thursday evening. The Videos were recorded, therefore, in the week prior to the crime against the students.

The bodies of 24 and 28 years old women from Norway and Denmark had been found on Monday at the foot of mount Toubkal. The Moroccan police took four Suspects

+++ 8.25 a.m.: turmoil at the AfD event: police officer +++

injured In riots at a political event in Cologne, a police officer has been injured. According to reports in the media, and the Twitter account of the AfD NRW, it should have been an AfD event, the riots were triggered according to the police, several dozen opponents of the event. To ran the beginning of several of them reported to be on the Podium, chanted slogans and unfurled banners.

police officers would have then tried to run the opponent off the stage, police said. This resistance had been made. During the Discharging of the protesters the policeman of d is he toppled the stage, said a police spokesman on Friday morning. Therefore, it is still unclear whether the man was rushed to or from the stage, dragged. On Thursday, it was welcomed initially, the man had been dragged “from the Podium”. In the fall, the man suffered “significant” injuries . Rescue workers took him to a hospital.

+++ 8.05 PM: at Least 13 Dead in accident in Czech mine +++

In the case of an accident in a Czech coal mine for at least 13 miners are killed. Ten other people were injured in methane gas explosion in a coal mine in Karvina, in the East of the country, said a spokesman for the company OKD. Eleven of the dead were, therefore, from Poland.

+++ 7.40 PM: French national Assembly approves Macrons Commitments to “yellow West” +++

The French national Assembly has approved the multi-billion dollar Commitments from the President of Emmanuel Macron to the protest movement of the “yellow vests”. The members of Parliament voted in the night to Friday a large majority of the reforms that provide for more money for part of the wage-earners and benefits for workers and retirees. After a more than 13-hour debate, 153 deputies voted for the reform package, nine voted against and 58 abstained.

Macrons law on “economic and social emergency measures” provides, among other things, that wage-earners will in future get around 100 euros per month more. Workers have to pay from 2019 to any taxes and social contributions more on Overtime. Are also planned to provide relief for retirees who have less than 2000 Euro monthly. Five million pensioners to benefit.

+++ 7.10 PM: Argentine Ex-President Kirchner is made corruption process +++

The former Argentine President Cristina Kirchner is made because of a bribery scandal in the process. A court of appeal on Thursday upheld an order of the judge Claudio Bonadio. In the corruption affair, it is suspected of bribe payments of around EUR 140 million to be invested between 2005 and 2015, from contractors to members of the government.

judge Bonadio sees Kirchner and her 2010 late husband Néstor Kirchner as originator of the bribe system. Néstor Kirchner from 2003 to 2007, President of the South American country. His wife followed him in 2007 to his office and held this until 2015.

+++ 6.40 PM: the protection of the Constitution boss for better protection of Salafist-children +++

In connection with the children of IS-returnees and Salafist families has spoken of Hamburg constitutional protection boss, Torsten Voß for an extension of the competences of the country offices. Especially in the interest of the children should be the protection of the Constitution allows to store data of 14-Year-old can you at a risk of Kindswohls to other authorities, he said of the DPA. “At the moment, it is so that we can give to the children – and youth help, no information.” First of all, it is about the protection of children. “But children have been indoctrinated by the IS and exploited.” He recalled a twelve-year-old, the planned 2016 an attack on the city’s Christmas market. “And, therefore, such cases are now also an issue for the security agencies.”

+++ 4.50 PM: Japan plans record spending on defence +++

in Spite of the high government debt of Japan is expanding its military spending to record levels. The government of the right-wing conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe approved on Friday a Bulgarian in the volume of 5.26 trillion Yen (41 billion euros) for the defense budget in the coming fiscal year, the on 1. April begins, as media reported. Thus, among other things, increased spending for a missile defense system, and combat aircraft to the protecting power in the United States are financed. Japan wants to rebuild, in view of the upgrading of China’s neighbors in addition, a helicopter designed the ship to the aircraft carrier.

+++ 2.50 PM: the United States planning troops withdrawal from Afghanistan +++

US President Donald Trump now wants to deduct too many US soldiers from Afghanistan. “This decision was made. There will be a significant deduction,” said a U.S. government representative on Thursday, the AFP news Agency. Currently, some 14,000 American soldiers are deployed in Afghanistan, either for the Nato training and support mission Resolute Support or for Anti-terrorist operations. According to the Wall Street Journal, more than 7000 American soldiers will be deducted.

next cancellation

U.S. Secretary of defense Mattis throw – and expects Trumps policy

a change in personnel in the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump and one of a kind. Minister of defense James Mattis retires. The former General does not want to support trump’s course.

+++ 00.50 PM: at Least five Dead in Explosion in mine in the Czech Republic +++

In the case of a gas explosion in a Mine in the Czech Republic for at least five miners were killed. A spokesman for the mining company OKD said on Thursday, in the accident in the osttschechischen Karvina around ten workers had been injured. Eight people were still missing. The rescue work is still in progress.

Therefore it came into the Mine on Thursday afternoon to a methane gas Explosion. The death toll is very likely to be Poland, who worked for the Polish mining company Alpex in the CSM Mine in Karvina. Karvina is located approximately 300 kilometres East of Prague.

+++ 00.10 PM: army Palestinians shoot in the West Bank +++

Israeli soldiers have shot and killed in the occupied West Bank a Palestinian who wanted to, according to the army is a roadblock to break through. Soldiers had opened fire on a vehicle that have tried, near Ramallah, to break a military Cordon, told the Israeli army on Thursday evening. One of the occupants had been killed. The Palestinian Ministry of health announced the killing, but made no disclosure of the circumstances.

sos/tkr / DPA / AFP

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