in the past few days under rainy weather with gray skies and rain has suffered, can breathe a sigh of relief: Even if Deep “Philipp” continues, it is this weekend, much friendlier. The sun is going to prevail on Saturday in the course of a day, from the East, it said on Friday at the German weather service (DWD). With more sunshine, the temperature rises and it will be mild in the East of Germany, even up to 22 degrees.

During the night for Sunday, areas of frost danger during the day, especially in the North and the East on a largely cloudless sky hoping for. The direction of the Saar and South of the Danube, it should be cloudy, cloudy, or strong, at times is to expect rain. The temperature is 18 to 20 degrees, only in areas with clouds, there is a ceiling of 13 to 17 degrees, a bit cooler. On the shores of a fresh North-East wind can not ensure that the Thermometer rises higher than ten to 13 degrees.

changeable weather

Germany divided in two: clouds in the West, the sun in the East


Also at the start of the week, it remains in the North, dry and friendly. In the South there should be a lot of clouds and showers or Thunderstorms. The daily maximum temperatures are 14 to 19 degrees cooler than on the weekend.