The five-year Madschd sitting in the spacious house of his mother on a Sofa and holding his white cat in her arms. “Survivor” is printed in bright letters on his blue sweater Survivor.

Somehow fitting, because his mother has received the Palestinian boy under very adverse circumstances. She had been six years ago from smuggled sperm of her imprisoned in Israel, man pregnant, told the 42-year-old Lydia Rimawi. According to information provided by a fertility clinic, women have to get Palestinian prisoners since 2012, dozens of babies in this way.

On a dresser in the house in the Palestinian village of Beit Rima in the West Bank, a picture of Abdul Karim Rimawi, Lydia’s husband. “The heroic prisoner”, under the photo of the dark-haired man with a moustache. Rimawi sits since the year 2000, in an Israeli jail. The member of the Al-Aqsa martyrs brigades, the military wing of the Fatah movement, has condemned Israel for attempted murder, to imprisonment for a term of 25 years. The organization has also perpetrated a series of suicide bombings in Israel, is on the EU terror list.

“Abdul Karim was involved in several attacks on Israelis in the area,” says his wife. You didn’t try to stop him. “He had it in his blood.” He was arrested in June 2000, a few months before the beginning of the second Palestinian uprising, the Intifada.

The daughter, the edge – today, 18 years – was then just eight months old. “My husband dreamed of a son and I wanted a child,” says Rimawi, who is wearing a black head scarf. However, physical contact was forbidden during the Visits in prison, almost always, the spouse could usually communicate only through a glass window via telephone. Sex is forbidden between husband and wife. “I thought, if I wait until it is released, I’m almost 50 years old, and then it will be difficult.”

The idea came to her when she was in the Taxi on the way to work, and in the radio news of a similar case heard. “The report was about another detainee, Ammar Zibn from Nablus, whose wife will apply, smuggled sperm pregnant and had a Baby,” says the woman with the bright red painted mouth and black rimmed eyes. “When I heard this, I broke out in tears. I had a good feeling, because a prisoner could be the father of a child.” The Moment you’ve decided to do the same.

delivery, such As the smuggling precisely, does not want to tell you. “Don’t worry, we have our methods,” she says, laughing. The fertilization was made in the Razan fertility clinic in Ramallah – in vain. Clinic Director Salim Abu Chaisaran, estimates that in the Palestinians more than 75 babies, areas in total were received by Palestinian prisoners by seed smuggling. In Israeli media, the talk is of more than 60 babies.

Chaisaran explains the Motivation of the hospital to do the surgery, which costs several Thousand euros, in vain: “For us, this was a social concern to help the women prisoners to have children before it is too late for you.” Sperm can survive outside the body for between 24 and 36 hours. The success rate in fertilization try spent between 50 and 60 percent, he says.

Madschd was on 1. August 2013 born. His Name means in German “fame”. His birth was for Lydia “is an act of resistance” against the Israeli occupation, she says. “I wanted to prove to the Israelis that we can have a Baby, although he (Abdul Karim) is in prison.”

As she wanted to show her husband the two-week-old Baby for the first Time, was the visit denied, told Lydia. The guards would have questioned the paternity. Only after a year and three months ago, Abdul Karim was entitled to his son for the first Time in the Arm. “My husband has wept with joy.” But he said that he will need for the seeds of smuggling, a fine of the equivalent of nearly 1200 Euro to pay. His wife was not allowed to visit him for another year.

An Israeli spokeswoman said of the case, the prison authority fights “with various means to combat smuggling, including seed smuggling”. In view of the technical difficulties, it was very doubtful, whether, in fact, Palestinian babies as a result of seed smuggling had been born. “Without a DNA Test, the identity of the father can not be set,” says the spokeswoman. Such an investigation, reject the mothers.

According to the organization, Addameer, around 5500 Palestinians are currently in Israeli jails, hundreds of them with very long sentences of more than 20 years.

Meir Indor, Chairman of the Association of Israeli victims of terror (Almagor), sees the seeds of contraband as a “serious phenomenon, this shows that the prison authority is tolerant in Israel”. He is convinced that Palestinian prisoners in Israel “to be handled with kid gloves”.

the Church of multiplication Amir, the Jewish assassin of the former Prime Minister Izchak Rabin, had fought in court the right to be as a result of artificial insemination the father. His son is now eleven years old.

Lydia Rimawi works in Ramallah for the intelligence service of the Palestinian authority of President Mahmoud Abbas. In the past, she has also earned as an art teacher money. “It is difficult for the children to raise,” she says. The Boy can see his father only once a month. “I love him, and he always gives me candy,” says the animated kid.

Rimawi says, you hope that your husband will not be involved after his release, in six years of attacks on Israelis. “He is too old, and it is not worth the price.” You believe in a “right to resistance against the occupation”. Nevertheless, they hope that the small Madschd’m not going to grab his father’s arms. “I don’t want my son to lose his life.”