Pray do not enough for you this time. A Petition of the Protestant Church in Central Germany (EKM) for the speed limit of 130 on the German autobahns. From ash Wednesday on, the 6. March, to come together within four weeks of 50,000 signatures for the request, the EKM community Affairs officer Christian Carter in Magdeburg announced. The goal would be reached, there is a public hearing in the Committee on petitions of the Bundestag.


fines for drivers, because he was 28 km/h too slow for on-the-go

speed limit: What has the Church to do with it?

want to make why is the Church suddenly policy? And then even such a subject as the speed limit on a German car? “We want to initiate a societal debate,” said Fuhrmann. Germany is the only country in the EU without a speed limit on the car.

The EKM is concerned more with environmental issues and the possible contributions that everyone can afford. National Bishop Ilse Junkermann said: “It is a commitment to the creation”. Here is the Church’s responsibility to take true. It had not been a decision of the regional Council of churches on the topic, which was, according to Carter but uncontroversial. “We have discussed in our own bodies violently”.

Much of this talk for the speed limit: It is a immediate and free contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions, there is less tyre wear and noise. Traffic safety will be increased. “Economically, it hurt,” said Fuhrmann.

wlk / DPA