There were times when the statements of U.S. presidents were made in the traditional “State of the Union” is hardly in question. It was often read between the lines, to decode the political signals. In the case of Donald Trump, it’s different. This President is doing what he accuses others, his political positions walls: he uses alternative facts. Reason enough for the state of the Nation, a fact check.

Trump has justified, in his speech, especially his call for a wall was built with large problems due to illegal migrants. He considers the Migration for a state of emergency for the entire country.

“El Paso (Texas) was one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. According to the border security was one of the safest cities.”

rating: This is wrong.

state of the Union speech

Trump calls for unity and insists on the border wall to Mexico


The facts: , The crime rate in El Paso has reached its peak in the 1990s, and fell until 2006. With the construction of the border security measures was started in 2008. Since then, there was again an increase, reported local media, citing FBI data. The station KTSM does not quote the Sheriff of El Paso with the words: “I believe that anybody, not even the President, can say that a wall in El Paso that was what caused the crime rate to fall,” said Sheriff Richard Wiles.

“tens of thousands of innocent Americans to die by lethal drugs crossing our border and in our cities, Crystal Meth, Heroin, cocaine, and Fentanyl floods – including.”

rating: This is misleading.

The facts: is The largest drug problem in the United States prevails in the case of prescription opioids, and people come over to your doctor first of all, totally legal in the tablets. Illegal drugs, in fact, mainly over the southern border into the country – but not on the “green border”. They are smuggled mainly through the border crossings. “A small percentage of the total heroin, which was ensured by the border authority, was the transitions between the border”, – stated in the official US drug report. The painkiller Fentanyl is sent according to the report, either directly by Post from China, or through border crossings from Mexico smuggled.

“Each year, countless Americans are murdered by criminal illegal immigrants.”

rating: This is questionable.

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Ex-Oil Lobbyist David Bernhardt

Trumps desire-Minister of the interior, encounters resistance: “a threat for animals and nature”


The facts: Several studies have come to the opinion that the risk to be in the USA, murdered, emanating mainly from Locals. “Migrants tend to have less crime than the Locals” found out, not least, the Cato Institute. However, it actually comes to crimes from people who are illegally immigrated. For the families of Victims, it is no consolation that this is a minority.

“The Migration across the U.S. southern border has grown to a crisis of national proportions.”

rating: This is hardly tenable.

The facts: The “Migration Policy Institute” about indicates that the number of arrests at the border in the long-term tendency to decline. In the financial year 2000 there was a total of 1.6 million arrests on the southwest border, in 2010, there were approximately 448 000. In the budget year 2018, the authorities have recorded approximately 397 000, such as from Overviews of the customs and border protection CBP.

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