the SPD and CDU want to draw a line under your, perhaps the greatest of traumas. While the social Democrats want to let the now unpopular Hartz IV System, 14 years after its introduction, behind the Christian Democrats to deal with the intra-party criticized the refugee policy of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, since 2015. The goal is to get rid of its Contaminated sites, keep track of both parties. The way to distinguish there.

The CDU wants more hardness, the SPD will Encourage more

The CDU took advantage of a “workshop conversation” with dozens of experts to outline their visions for a migration policy. A Situation as before the three and a half years, a hundred, thousands of protection seekers arrived to the part of the unregistered into the country, not to repeat. The recipe: hardness more. The Ultima Ratio: closure of the border. Thought to end, this also means people with violence from Entering the Federal territory. (Read: “‘border regime’, ‘early warning system’, ‘hardness’ – the CDU wants to upgrade in the refugee policy”.)


Juso-Chairman Kevin Kühnert

“You can’t play two years for the chief of critics, and then not to get your fingers dirty

The SPD Board of management want to put in front of”, however, after months of internal party discussion and the exchange with non-governmental organizations, the social state concept “for a new time”. Less “Demanding”, more “Promote”. A “citizens ‘ money” to replace the “Hartz IV”, the reference should no longer be possible, there should be less penalties, the minimum wage should increase. To Finance their Plan, the party leader Nahles is silent largely, the costs are likely to go in the billions. (Read: “Hartz 4.1 or a real Relaunch of the welfare state? The SPD-concept in Check”.)

The Grand coalition summons your unit

The ideas of each Grand coalition partner, left the SPD and CDU did not go unchallenged: “The “rehabilitation project of the SPD to Overcome the Hartz-IV-traumas” with new names and social “watering can” would not lead to improvements, for example, said the Parliamentary Secretary of the Union group, Michael Grosse-Brömer, to the “citizens ‘ money”concept of the social Democrats. The returned the favor, in turn, with the rejection of the migration policy stance of the CDU. So the SPD members of the Bundestag called for a response with “human responsibility” at the borders, should there be a Situation like in 2015.

Both sides already know: your concepts are not in the coalition agreement, the implementation of is, therefore, difficult, if not impossible. The smells of Anger, threatens, possibly, the collapse of the Grand coalition in Berlin? Union and the SPD from the drove.

the decision of The party Executive Board for a new welfare state concept has nothing to do with the work of the government, said SPD Chief Andrea Nahle at the conclusion of a closed meeting of the party top. “This was a zero issue,” she said, with a view to put an end to the Grand coalition.

Also Nahles’ counterpart from the CDU, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, came to the corresponding speculation. “This is not a noise and that is not a premature end to the coalition,” she said in the ARD-tagesthemen.

to break. not for the black-red Alliance

A fraction of the Grand coalition is therefore, if you believe the two party leaders, however, is noticeable: It moves a little The CDU and the SPD set to the content of each other, re-focus. Red to left, Black to the right. The areas of Conflict are not less.

It is significant that the two links sit inside of this reorganization at the Cabinet table of the Federal government. So you can set up your party without the constraints of a Minister’s office, and without considering the day to day business.

In three-quarters of a year, the government Alliance is put to the test, as it is envisaged in the coalition agreement between the CDU and the SPD. And from the looks of it currently, want both parties to this breaking point to be prepared.

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