The SPD in the Bundestag makes pressure for a legal action against so-called conversion therapies to change Homosexuals. “The goal is to avoid specific dangers for the victims,” said the Deputy, Karl-Heinz Brunner, the German press Agency.

One of Brunner submitted draft law provides for prison sentences of up to three years or fines for Doctors, psychotherapists, healing practitioners and commercial providers, if they offer measures or conduct “directed at the Modification or suppression of the sexual orientation”.

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) had called in June as a target that this year a law will be brought to the draft for the prohibition of such deals on the way. Brunner asked Spahn to his law initiative. The Federal Ministry of justice should bring the proposed Amendment to the criminal code as soon as possible to the Cabinet.

Precise Figures are not available, but the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld is of the Thousands of cases per year in Germany, which is trying to homosexuals with questionable therapies to “cure”.

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