Disastrous poll numbers, and strange Live performances – SPD Leader Andrea Nahles is in her own party and under pressure. At the latest after the European elections in may, a new staff debate, threatens the SPD insiders say.

And now the question arises, whether the former party left with some people from the business community has admitted – for example, the previous financial entrepreneur and multi-millionaire Harald Christ. He was years ago as a financial salesperson with ship funds rich. Now research from the stern show get, how Christian people from the business community for a Dinner-date with SPD politicians and the strict sponsorship rules of the SPD can escape.

The aggravated were supposed to go to the Rent-a-social-scandal at the end of 2016. At the time, came out that an employee of a party, company, companies made customers the offer, thanks to sponsorship very close to the SPD-politician. The SPD came into disrepute – and vowed to improve. Since then, the party headquarters, published in Detail, which companies have paid as sponsors of events how much. With 15,000 euros, Deutsche Bank subsidised, for example, in the past year, the “leadership Academy of the social democracy” – a SPD-internal cadre.

SPD is a loophole for lobbyists

But there is also a loophole for those lobbyists who do not want to disclose their payments in Detail. Here Harald Christ comes into play.

The multi-millionaire and long-standing social Democrat, has also occupied several years in management positions at Deutsche Bank, is since 2015, the Treasurer of the business forum of the SPD. And the Ex-Banker regularly invites to confidential Dinner-rounds in his spacious apartment in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. Once he’s a private host. Time, he organized a dinner for the SPD economic forum, with SPD-politicians and people from the economy. The 15 people sitting at the table with Harald Christ. According to an internal Protocol, were also found in February in 2018, “high-level” guests to a Dinner, including the former head of the NRW-SPD, Michael Groschek, “and representatives of several major energy companies”.

Who was already a guest at the Dinner rounds with the economy? Finance Minister Olaf Scholz? Party Leader Andrea Nahles? Christian, and the economic forum promised last week, only full transparency and quotable statements, and did not reply to detailed questions from the star.

contributions can says 15,000 euros exceed

Christian, take no money for attending such a Dinner, but want to get the business people as members. As such they pay some of the hefty membership fees. And, of course, always some paying members are allowed to participate in these meal in a small circle. The Forum is funded primarily from such member contributions, which can exceed in the case of large companies with 15,000 euros in the year.

At a meeting of the members of the economic forum in Berlin in September 2016, people roamed from Allianz, Bosch, Siemens, Google, and British American Tobacco. Thanks to your contributions, you have the Chance to have access to SPD politicians.

The back room to meet the forum itself but was apparently also in the business already for internal discussions. In June of 2017, a Christian was only about 2900 Euro as the cost of two “multipliers dinner” – and back transferred the same amount then three months later to the Forum. Expenses for Meetings in the small circle, to which not all members are invited, did not fit, apparently, to the then applicable Statute, which States that “every member” was entitled “to all of the events offered by the Association to participate”.

events not open to all

In September 2018, the economic forum, changed specifically by these articles of Association. Unlike previously, all of the events no longer are now available to all members. Even in Christs apartment is not a place for everyone.

In his youth, he worked in financial sales. Today he fights in the name of the business forum against the plans of the Minister of Finance, to lids for insurance agent commissions. And he is in favour of the exploratory talks on a possible merger of Commerzbank and the German Bank. Germany’s need for “a strong Bank,” argues a Christian. Behind the criticism of the Plan, he gets a whiff of a sense of “populism” or simply “lack of property” – even if the merger could cost up to 30,000 Jobs. Other social Democrats, such as the Deputy Florian Post are “absolutely opposed” to promote this Fusion of: “here is a Monster,” says Post, who had earlier, as economic controller, even with such transactions.

big banks to sponsor the SPD economic forum

Both the Commerzbank and the Deutsche Bank and its subsidiary Postbank 2018 among the sponsors of Christs economic forum – in addition to the Association of the Vending machine industry, and the cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris. The exact sponsorship amounts don’t want to call the economic forum to be different from the Treasurer of the SPD announced, but only the total yearly sum of the collected sponsorship amounts, an amount of 110,000 euros. The “contracts” with the companies did not allow for more detailed information, argues forum the managing Director of Frank Wilhelmy.

Similar to the Deutsche Bank, commented: “for legal reasons” could you give the amounts of the “no information”. Commerzbank pays according to their own statements as “a member of the economic forum of the SPD” the “in the contribution rules specified member contribution”. In addition, you have aligned 2018 in cooperation with the economic forum, two specialist events in the “Haus der Commerzbank”.

Christian assures total transparency

“I’m totally transparent,” he stresses, Treasurer Christian. But he also does not want to disclose the amount of each payment, although the Treasurer of the SPD, expert Dietmar Nietan, which had already been requested at a party conference in December 2017. The increased transparency in the sponsorship, so Nietan at that time, expect you now “by political groupings, which are based on the social democracy, but not the SPD Statute on the subject”.

Quite explicitly, the SPD Treasurer of Christ himself (“dear Harald had asked”) in a letter of March 2018, more openness. “If the economic forum, also acquired sponsorship, and I would ask you to note in the rules of conduct made specific provisions,” wrote the Treasurer of the SPD to the Treasurer of the business forum. He urged the Association “to avoid any appearance that the money contributions (including member contributions) to a political or economic advantage can be acquired”.

“Stable Vertrauensvratio” with Andrea Nahles

But Christian, and Wilhelmy the drain. Of party leader Nahles you have to fear, apparently, not enough. Christian Wilhelmy know Nahles from common Juso-times, in Rhineland-Palatinate. With the party boss is a “stable relationship of trust connected to him”, was a Christian, recently in the “Handelsblatt” quote. You made him in July 2018 for “middle officer” of the SPD Board of management, in spite of the Zoffs with the Treasurer because of the sponsorship payments. Wilhelmy her office was head and counts himself to the “network Nahles”. You like to come to Events organised by Christian and Co with business representatives.

Nice effect for Nahles: a bit of can be to acquire the economic expertise that it lacks, according to many.

And what the party Chairman says today, to the lack of transparency in the sponsorship payments? An SPD spokesman, argued at the request of the star is now quite similar to the economic forum itself: The Association is now “an independent, entrepreneurial professional Association”, the “have no financial or structural ties to the SPD”. Because of this “special position” was not “it is possible”, the rules of conduct of the SPD “one to one”.