The acting SPD Chief, Malu Dreyer, has shown himself open to a left-wing government Alliance in the Federal government and met with the approval of the left party.

“there Should be a majority left of the Union, we must analyze the Common search and the separator end,” said Dreyer of the Funke media group, with a view to a coalition of SPD, Left and Greens.

On the Federal level, the SPD is currently in “very poor condition”, said Dreyer. This must change urgently. “Our goal remains, of course, that we could find a way to majorities for the CDU.” The claim of the SPD should be such an Alliance to lead. The left party is part of the items on the SPD do not share a coalition partner but never in the Same way. She was eager to red-Red-Green in Bremen, said Dreyer, the Minister President of Rhineland-Palatinate together with the Greens and the FDP governed.

Leading Left-wing politicians have welcomed the Statements. You do hope that after the next Bundestag election in constructive discussions about a new left-wing majorities are possible, said party leader Katja Kipping of the German press Agency. With a strong Left and a hopefully re-emerging SPD, it could not ensure “that social justice issues such as work, retirement, and health from a black-and-green majority buttered”. The Big coalition, it was at the end. “The upcoming Federal election campaign, whenever it takes place, will be dominated by the question of What follows on the Grand coalition?”

Left-boss Bernd Riexinger Newspapers of the Funke media group, said: “After years in the Grand coalition have the votes to back a left-wing policies are more and more also in the SPD.”

In the Sunday issue of the SPD is currently being used nationwide to 11.5 to 14.5 percent and the Left to 7 to 9 percent. The Green reach 23 to 25 percent.

The Berlin culture Senator and former Left-country chief Klaus Lederer called Dreyer’s initiative as “outstanding for years”. “Given the current power relations in the society, it should be a normality that people have been talking about potential opportunities for cooperation at ease and without foaming at the mouth,” said Lederer of the dpa in Berlin.

Even with the previously between the SPD and the Left of the problematic foreign policy must be sought from the perspective of Lederer, it is probably a lack of Compliance. “And then you have to look, where to find a reasonable approach to this.” Lederer: “If all parties involved are aware of the urgent need to set up a joint project on the legs, then it will be on the differences here and there, not fail.”

Currently, there is talk in the SPD a lot about whether the party should remain in the Grand coalition. At its party Congress in December, the SPD will undergo a mid-term review of the Covenant, which is to be prepared. It is expected that it will also go in the scheduled for September presentation of candidates for the future of the SPD chairmanship in 23 regional conferences again and again to the theme. So applicants Karl Lauterbach had called for an end to the Grand coalition.

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