Since the expert says: this is A Pair from Granada in Andalusia, heard over a longer period of time, a strange buzzing in your house, particularly in your bedroom. The buzz got so loud that the Couple could hardly sleep and the last nerve robbed. As the temperatures rose, it had become the buzz even louder, told the beekeepers Sergio Guerrero CNN.

The Couple have already registered a year ago, several bees on your property and the authorities agreed, but no help. As the buzz was getting louder and louder, and listened to the two at some point on the bedroom wall and called the beekeepers and bee expert of Guerrero to help. Was able to identify the culprits and was shocked.

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bee well for several years in the wall

In the bedroom wall of the pair, he found a huge bee colony with approximately 80,000 bees. Guerrero said he was surprised that the human residents in the house made it so long with such noisy neighbors get along. The hive was so large that he had to have been for several years in the wall.

According to Guerrero got the hive its size, since in the vicinity very many of the flowers were. Also, the rising temperatures would have helped. It is the only use for the beekeepers this year, but has not been. According to CNN, the Spaniard has received more orders than ever before. In General, the bee population in Andalusia, but in good condition – thanks to a greater awareness of the insects, Guerrero.

Normally, a bee colony has a Population of 5,000 to 40,000 bees. A Queen bee can lay per day up to 1,400 eggs.

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