the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn is in favour of a stronger curb the advertising of tobacco products. He restrict support proposals, tobacco advertising, said the CDU politician of the “Spiegel” magazine.

let One-fifth of all new cancer solely related to Smoking. Especially young people need to be convinced that “Smoking is not cool, but very harmful”.

In the long-deadlocked debate about a ban on tobacco advertising, there has been movement areas. The professional politicians of the Union agreed that the existing restrictions should also be on outdoor advertising expanded. It should not, however, go to a flat ban. In the last legislative term, a start-up for an outdoor advertising ban in the resistance of the Union, had failed. The Cabinet agreed in 2016, a draft, a law resulting from this was never.

For a possible new start also provides for health protection of consumers Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) in the Bundestag on the train. The SPD-skilled politician Rainer Spiering called on, in turn, Klöckner, the bill from 2016, immediately hang up.