Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), receives for its plans for Opening the regional health insurance funds for the Insured person in the whole of Germany, more and more against the wind – even from the coalition. According to the CSU, the SPD filed for opposition.

“We will not participate,” said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Karl Lauterbach of the German press Agency. “That would bring a deterioration in the supply.” The regional General local sickness funds (AOK), which could make it according to the plans in the future nationwide competition, warned against a one-sided focus on competition to low contributions. The consumer Central welcome, meanwhile, more choices for the Insured.

With the name of his project Spahn has set the tone. The “Fair-to-cash-in-choice-of-law” is intended to underline the regional boundaries. They are still for the eleven self-employed AOKs, whose areas roughly correspond to the Federal länder, as well as for some operation, and Guild funds. Still not nationwide open 44 insurance companies with 30 million customers, according to AOK – a total of 110 statutory funds with 73 million Insured. Spahn calls it an “anachronism” that part is still from the residence or place of employment depends on, where you can insure. In the future, in the whole of Germany, funds should be selectable, with the offer due to favourable regional conditions of lower additional contributions – in the group of AOKs the range is approximately, depending on the Region of 0.3 percent to 1.1 percent.

Increased competition for the best contribution of interest but especially the young, healthy, mobile, Insured, said the chief of the AOK-Federal Association, Martin Litsch. No value to have the about for the chronically Ill, who are in need of on-the-spot – offers-and not just by phone and Internet, but also with a larger network of business. And not every contract, the funds with the regionally-based associations of sickness Fund doctors and hospitals close, just from one Region to elsewhere. In southern Germany, established the house doctor for the Insured in the North have no sense.

From a System exclusively with Federal funds, the SPD is not much. More regional competition and regional supply, would be needed expert Lauterbach said. “Anyone who wants to decide as an Insured for a nationwide Fund, can do so now at any time.” In reality, it is in the plans for the alleged lack of control by the respective countries. However, this can be a position, the Union-ruled countries. For this purpose, being rather: “If there are control problems that must be solved.”

Also in the countries it simmers. The Minister of health made a closed Front against further Centralization. The background is that a nationwide Opening-up of the funds is a Central supervision by the Federal insurance office would, as it does now for Barmer, DAK and co. the Stated objective of the Ministry to eliminate as a further “distortion of competition by differences in the regulatory and Supervisory” actions. Also the head of the techniker Krankenkasse, Jens Baas, penetrates to the same rules: “diversity is welcome in many areas of life – the supervision act is not one of them.”

The verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) sees the planned major choice opportunities first, the “good news” for the Insured. Also, a comprehensive and uniform legal supervision is an important and correct strategic decision, said vzbv-expert Kai bird of the dpa. “However, this may limit local supply concepts in the funds.” Needed more transparency is independent of the last, so that consumers could judge the performance of your cash really. Each Fund should be required to publish information on performance, Service and advice. “A good health insurance company should not be valued according to the price.”