After about 27 hours of flight time, has docked with the space capsule “Crew Dragon” of the private American company SpaceX to the International space station ISS.

Live images from the US space Agency Nasa showed in the morning, as the unmanned spacecraft to the ISS approached in about 400 kilometers altitude above the earth and finally reached. The space capsule was launched on Saturday with a Falcon-9 rocket from the spaceport Cape Canaveral in the U.S. state of Florida.

It was the first Time that a privately built and operated Crew van from American soil, flew to the ISS. US President, Donald Trump congratulated and tweeted that this was a great success. For several years, astronauts can reach only with the Russian Soyuz rockets to the ISS. The United States in the future want to focus more on private companies for manned missions into space.

the flight of The “Crew Dragon” with a doll full of Sensors on Board the first test, according to Nasa. Soon flights with astronauts to follow.