The affair of the election campaign donations from Switzerland in the AfD for intra-party strife. A media report says that the AfD should have made potentially misleading statements to the Bundestag administration.

At its core, it is about the question of when exactly within the AfD for the first time doubt as to the legality of the donations to the district Association of the Bundestag faction boss, Alice ryegrass.

The AfD national office had in a Letter to the Federal administration by 20. December 2018 argued, AfD-Circle Treasurer, Brigitte Hinger were on the 21. January 2018 “for the first time a doubt as to the permissibility of the donations from Switzerland”. Less than three months later, the majority of the donations had been paid back to the Swiss-based pharmaceutical company.

The AfD Treasurer of Baden-Württemberg, Frank Kral, told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (Wednesday), but now, he was Hinger at the 14. August 2017 call “the statutory provisions for donations from Switzerland,” cleared and said, “that this may only be accepted if they come from a citizen from the income or assets of a German or EU”. The contents of the letter of the party of the Bundestag administration Kral, therefore, designated among other things as “wrong”.

Hinger denies the call, according to the “FAZ”. You have on the 14. August “not” got off the phone with Kral “on the topic of payments from Switzerland,” he “never called” to the donations issue. Kral was elected again in February in the country of the management Board of the baden-württemberg AfD.

Should have broken the AfD against the party law, must pay for the party, where appropriate, an amount three times the amount of the illegal donation. If you should only have disclosure obligations violated, that would be two times the donation of a total of 132.005,52 euros. In both cases, the young party would occupy on the list of the highest penalties in the third place. Since the Amendment of the political parties act of 2003, there were two cases in which significantly more was paid.

The FDP had to pay in 2009 because of illegal donations to the former North Rhine-Westphalian FDP-Chairman Jürgen Möllemann, around 3,45 million Euro. The CDU was sentenced in 2010 to pay 1.2 million Euro to the Bundestag, after it became evident that the party in the Rhineland-Palatinate group had alienated funds for state election campaign purposes.

The Bundestag will donate to meet in terms of AfD’s probably not a decision, before the investigations by the public Prosecutor’s office in Konstanz are completed. This is determined against ryegrass and three other members of their district Association at the lake of Constance because of the suspicion of a violation of the party law. Donations of Non-EU citizens to German political parties are illegal. Contributions of individual donors of more than 10,000 Euro per year must be published with the name of the patron.


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