After the unsuccessful disarmament summit between the United States and North Korea in Hanoi will offer the South Korean government as a mediator. Under the chairmanship of the President Moon Jae-In met on Monday in Seoul, the national security Council of South Korea.

the aim is to further dialogue on the removal of the North Korean nuclear weapons program.

The summit between US President Donald Trump, and North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un was surprisingly passed without completion of the Declaration to the end. Trump and Kim were in the Central question of divided, like North Korea to disarm and to give consideration to it.

Moon said, according to his office, he hope that Trump and Kim meet again in the near future. “In this process, our role has become very important.” Despite the lack of agreements, there had also been progress.

South Korea’s Minister of foreign Affairs Kang Kyung Wha, spoke of the possibility of re-negotiators of the two Koreas and the United States, as well as independent experts from the three countries could meet.

Trump had asked the Moon in connection to the summit in Hanoi last Thursday, in a telephone conversation, similar to last year, to play the role of mediator.

China rated the summit last week, in spite of the disagreement as “constructive”. The speaker of the people’s Congress, Zhang Yesui, signed at a press conference similar to the Moon a positive image. Both sides wanted to finally put their dialogue. The nuclear conflict was a “very complicated and sensitive issue” that could not be with one or two Meetings resolved, said Zhang Yesui, who is also the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs, and for a long time in the negotiations with North Korea is involved. Both sides should show “good will and patience”.

Meanwhile, the armed forces of the United States and South Korea began after the voluntary setting of your so far, major joint military maneuvers, a smaller command of the exercise. The maneuver “Dong Maeng” (Alliance) have started as planned, said a spokesman for the defense Ministry in Seoul.

Both countries had declared at the weekend to take the several weeks of spring-field maneuvers “Foal Eagle”, as well as the parallel running command training “Key Resolve” from your training program. To justify the Pentagon referred to the efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the nuclear dispute with North Korea. The spring maneuvers triggered again and again violent protests, the Communist leadership of North Korea.

Trump said the reason for the termination of the execution of the move, financial benefits. He wrote on Sunday on Twitter, to hundreds of millions of dollars in savings.