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son of dismembered mother, and eats body parts (13.15)thief identity card back at the scene of the crime (11.47 PM)tube broken: Semi-Bayreuth without drinking water (11.01 PM)”El Chapo” wants a new trial (8.07 p.m.)police dog tracked burglar in asparagus field (2.46 PM)Verdi: “mafia-like structures” in parcel shipping (2.23 PM)

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+++ 13.51 PM: son of dismembered mother, and eats body parts +++

His own mother has been killed by a Spaniard, according to police sources, dismembered, and along with his dog partially eaten. The gruesome cannibalism case, the police discovered on Thursday in Madrid, is caught today in the Spanish media stir. The officials have offered, upon Entering the apartment, “a shocking scene”, wrote the newspaper “ABC”. They have discovered body parts of the 66-year-old victim in the whole house in Tupper doses. An officer had become ill, he had to leave the scene of the crime for a short time, wrote the newspaper “El País”. The 26-year-old son had confessed to the crime immediately.

The Detained, is said to have consumed drugs, is his mother several times in the past, miss, and had been so previously convicted, it said. Neighbors declared that it had often given a noisy quarrel between the two. A friend of the mother had alerted the authorities after she was able to reach the woman have seen for a month or by phone.

+++ 13.43 at: Already more than 90 Deaths from adulterated alcohol in India +++

In the Indian state of Assam, more than 90 people have died after consuming adulterated alcohol. At least 200 more had to be treated in hospital, as authorities representatives. The victims, many of them women, worked on tea plantations in the Region. The first to be taken ill on Thursday evening, after they had black drinking distilled alcohol, it said. Some media reports even more than a hundred dead. The number of victims could rise, according to the more, since some of the patients living in danger. A man who is said to have sold the illegally made alcohol, was taken to police information. The authorities furloughed in addition, two officials, because they had taken no precautions against the sale of alcohol.

In the poor rural areas of India is sold a lot of moonshine liquor, because it is cheap. Often the booze is mixed with highly toxic Methanol to increase the alcohol content. Large amounts of it can lead to blindness, liver damage and death. Every year hundreds of people die in India of adulterated alcohol.

+++ 13.35 PM: Meuthen ruthless radicals criticized in the own rows +++

In the AfD, right-wing forces according to the words of the national Chairman Jörg Meuthen no place. “Who here wants to live out his group-focused enmity, I say very clearly: look for a different playing field for your neuroses!”, Meuthen said at the opening of the AfD country party tags in Heidenheim, Germany. He spoke of “some completely ruthless Radicals” in their own ranks, of intrigues and intra-party small wars. Actually, the AfD, the Golden age would have, because the political opponents in the country was weak, and voters would have tired of the “obvious inability of the old parties,” said Meuthen. “The Only ones who are still on the way to the political shaping of the fate of our country, we are even.”

The AfD in the South West wrestles at the state Convention in Heidenheim to the future course of the party. The previous Chairman Marc Jongen no longer wants to compete. The value of conservative realists the struggle for Power with the radical “Fundis”.

+++ 13.13 PM: patients should premiums for consistent initial visits to the house to get a doctor +++

The coalition government wants to legally reward the Insured, when you go for health problems consult your family doctor first. In the case of a corresponding self-commitment, the patient should receive a portion of the the funds incurred by savings paid out. The professional politicians of the coalition agreed, as a spokeswoman for the Union group confirmed today. “The choice of tariff ‘GP-centred care’ obligation of the funds, at least 50 percent of the efficiency gains from this Tariff on the Insured to disclose” if there is such gains, said the health policy spokesman of the Union group, Karin Maag (CDU). The new rules will be introduced by Amendment into the draft law of the Ministry of health for an appointment and service set by law. From the SPD group, said that the social Democrats would want to make such a provision for quite some time.

+++ 12.45 PM: Fifa deprives Peru’s hosting of the U17 world Cup +++

The soccer world Cup, the U17-juniors will not be held this year in Peru. Fifa withdrew from the Latin American country hosting the tournament. The decision was to visit several inspection and a Meeting with the Peruvian Association has been taken, informed the world football Association. In the Statement, organisational and infrastructural challenges, from a series “” of speech. The world Cup had to be held in October. Fifa is considering various Alternatives to the appointment of a new host.

Whether the German Junior participation would be entitled, is not yet clear. The DFB-selection must qualify for the European Championships in may in Ireland, where the places for the world Cup will be awarded.

+++ 11: 58: motorist drives a firefighter, specifically about the feet +++

A divided reasonable motorist has a firefighter to a closed use position and hurt. The man was driving the helper deliberately over the foot to pass through the place despite the ban, informed the fire brigade. Then he was gone. The fireman suffered bruises. The police are investigating after the incident on Friday in the Sauerland Lennestadt against the volatile driver.

The fire Department had locked in a fire because of a Chimney fire the passage in front of the house. The fireman had not informed the motorist, therefore, that he could there at the moment is over. During the fire, nobody was hurt.

+++ 11.47 am: Clumsy thief leaves ID at crime scene +++

Instead of a Breakfast, a clumsy thief in Erfurt has received a criminal complaint to the police. The 29-Year-old wanted to pay on Friday in Erfurt supermarket only a part of the purchase, the police announced today. In a cooling bag he had, therefore, a back and a coffee drink ver. When the saleswoman approached, the man fled, but crashed and lost his prey, a key and his ID.

According to police, a cashier and a witness, the 29-Year-olds. As the man fought back, but violently, it will run soon. His identification of the man left. The police filed a complaint for predatory theft.

court decision

strollers are allowed freely to fend off roaming dogs, regardless of whether the animal is aggressive

DPA +++ 11.07 PM: a Little girl in Berlin by dog bite hard +++

In Berlin, injured, a dog, a three-year-old girl seriously injured. The child played on Friday afternoon with his mother in the apartment in the district of Hellersdorf, the police announced today. The dog of a friend who was visiting, to handle, therefore, the girl suddenly and bite him in the face.

The mother was able to separate the animal from her daughter and drove her to the hospital, where, according to police serious violations were found. The girl must therefore remain for the treatment for the time being in the clinic. The dog was brought into a pet collection.

+++ 11.01 am: pipe broken: Semi-Bayreuth without drinking water +++

many citizens in Bayreuth, no drinking water since early this morning, more from the line. Cause is a broken pipe. In the Nibelungen road was a major burst pipe, whereupon the high-level tank automatically large protective flap lock. “As a result, the pressure is taken out of the lines and the tank does not run empty,” said a spokesman for the Stadtwerke Bayreuth. Half of the city until Further notice, without drinking water.

The flap should now be gradually re-opened. When water flows in the pipes, was not in sight in the morning. For a dialysis center and other medical facilities, according to the municipal utilities in need of emergency care.

+++ 10.42 PM: French police arrest “yellow West”-the leader in Grenoble +++

just before new protests by the “yellow West” has taken the French police, the leader of the movement in Grenoble in custody. Julien Terrier and associates Jérôme Bouzendorffer were held in the course of a criminal investigation in a police station in the southeastern French city, as the public Prosecutor’s office announced. They are accused of, among other things, the organization of a non-notified Demonstration. Terrier was already in December because of similar allegations in custody. In France are expected today new protests by the “yellow vests”. Rallies are announced in Paris and Bordeaux. In Paris, two Protest marches set to 12 o’clock and 13 o’clock on the arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysées in the direction of the Eiffel tower in motion. It is the 15. Participated in protests Saturday since the beginning of the protests in mid-November.

The social movement is calling for the resignation of the President and Emmanuel Macron, and a departure from his course of Reform. Finally, the participation was on the decline: last Saturday, the interior Ministry was far 41.500 participants, of which about 5000 were in Paris. In the case of the largest “yellow West”protests three months ago, there were more than 280,000 protesters.