Kaiserslautern: son locks the parents in the living room there is a

In Kaiserslautern, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, has jailed a 49-Year-old and his parents in their living room, to steal his father in connection with a three-digit amount of money. According to the police, the parents, and came to rest on Wednesday afternoon on the Couch, when her son suddenly behind them the door is locked.

After that, he relieved himself in the pocket of his father’s. It was only when his producer with the police threatened, he opened the door again. Accordingly, the two parents were locked up for about 20 minutes. The 49-Year-old must answer for itself soon, among other things, on suspicion of false imprisonment.

Düsseldorf: duck family of flat roof on the Kö

saved by The fire brigade in Düsseldorf, Germany has recovered a stray duck family from the flat roof of a commercial building on the prestigious Königsallee shopping street. Employees of a clothing business is the helper informed on Friday morning about the predicament of the mother Duck and her eleven Chicks, such as the fire and rescue services.

The “Saviour” climbed on ladders and ducts on the flat roof, and put each of the ducklings carefully in a special Box. Meanwhile, the control center sent a duck lover to the operation site, the took the Box with the duck mom and her Chicks. The duck family was then exposed to probably keep in a Sunny place in an inner-city Park.

Landkreis Altötting: motorcycle driver of a concrete mixer hit

In the Bavarian district of Altötting is killed in an accident on Thursday morning, a motorcyclist fatal. According to police reports, the 18-Year-old between Feichten and Palling on the road, when he crashed after Overtaking in a curve to the right and into the oncoming traffic slipped. There is a concrete came to meet the young man, exactly in this Moment, the mixer, the 39-year-old driver couldn’t brake in time and the motorcycle driver ran over.

This was not yet died on the scene of the accident, write to the officials. The 39-Year-old suffered a shock and was cared for by the staff of a crisis intervention team. The exact accident course of events should now be clear to an expert.

Berlin: mass brawl after Youtube-call

To be a solid mass fight occurred early Thursday evening on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. As a spokesman for the police said, gathered following a call on social media, around 400 people – most of them teenagers or young adults. Later about 50 of them were involved in a dispute with fists, feet and pepper spray turned on each other. About 100 police officers tried to separate the brawlers – the officers use tear gas. As the speaker said, should have tried some young people to consider a police officer in the crowd. The balance of the mass brawl: a wounded police officer, and nine arrests. In the result of some 20 young people stormed into the metro station, and threw in the track bed with Gravel. According to information from the “Berliner morning post” is supposed to be the trigger for the brawl was a dispute between the Stuttgart-based Youtuber “Thatsbekir” and “Bahar Al-Amood” in Berlin. The latter is, therefore, one in the Federal capital living big Arab family. Both of them had invited her Followers and Fans in the early evening on the Alexanderplatz.


Around 400 Followers of two well-known Youtubers gathered on Thursday at the Berlin Alexanderplatz. Then 50 of them went at it with fists to each other.

©Monika Wendel DPA Marl: 13-Year-old to drive – motorist gives him money, and fled

A motorist should drive at a crossing in the North Rhine-Westphalia, Marl, Germany, a 13-Year-olds and of be hazards. The 25-year-old man and his female companion got out on Thursday afternoon, first of all, and inquired whether it is the young well, the police announced in Recklinghausen. When the Boy indicated that it was not good for him, and his jacket was broken, gave the man in front of him a small amount of money, then got in the car and “screech” of hazards.

The 13-Year-old with a scooter on the road, went home, told his parents of the incident. After that, he suffered a bout of weakness and has been associated with suspected internal injuries in a hospital. The police searches for witnesses of the accident.

Hohenstein-Ernstthal: drivers get lost on the sachsenring

The involuntary trip to the race track of the sachsenring, all of which ended for a Skoda driver on Thursday in the gravel bed. The 64-Year-old was rolled out Provided by the open gate to the paddock and found himself on the nearly 3.7-kilometre-long circular course. As the police said, drove the man on the extreme edge of the range, to be able to the Area as quickly as possible. He remained in the gravel stuck. The unlucky bird was uninjured and was released with his car out of the predicament.

Dülmen horses plunge into a manure pit

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Dülmen firefighters had to on Thursday afternoon, two horses from their predicament free. The animals had fled for unknown reasons, from a paddock and into a manure pit overthrown. Supported by a veterinarian, the outliers could be freed after nearly two hours of the comrades of the fire brigade in Dulmen from their plight.

Fullscreen ©fire Dülmen

news of Thursday, 21. March

Rottweil: Intercity needs due to suspicious package

stop Due to a suspect package, a Intercity train has been stopped on the open track between Rottweil and epfendorf’s in the state of Baden-Württemberg. As a spokesman for the Federal police announced on Thursday, had to leave between 150 to 200 guests on the train. Explosive detection dogs and bomb disposal engineer was requested to examine the package.

Berlin: pedestrians of motorists and front-seat passenger kicked and beaten

In Berlin are attacked two pedestrians by the driver of a Van and his passenger and injured. Reason for the confrontation late Wednesday night, according to previous investigations by the police that the driver had to brake, according to witnesses, the pedestrian crossing a few meters in front of the vehicle on a road.

the occupants of the Van were pulled out, according to police reports, two “bald-headed men, and are supposed to have a 36-Year-old immediately beaten and kicked. The 32-year-old companion, who rushed to help, was attacked in the further course also, and slightly injured. The thugs continued their journey however, in an unknown direction before the alerted officials arrived on the spot. Police are looking for the two attackers and their vehicle.

Bad Salzuflen: Enormousttäter uses to visit parents to escape

In North Rhine-Westphalia has used a convicted violent criminals on Wednesday, a prison officer escorted visit with his parents to escape. The man was still on the road, said a police spokeswoman, the “Westfalen-Blatt” on Thursday morning. Accordingly, the 31-Year-old had with his parents in Bad Salzuflen, enclosed in a room, before he fled through a window. The police have initiated, therefore, immediately put out an APB, which has been unsuccessful so far. In addition, you are advised to take care of people from the personal environment of the man.

A former lawyer of the man called the Volatile, the report says, as “mentally ill, highly dangerous and unpredictable”. The ex-offenders 31-Year-old had been shot in 2014, a well – Known – apparently from insult, because these had ignored him-and was sentenced to a prison sentence of three years and eight months. A year ago he had this done and had been housed in a special housing group for safety Werl held in the prison.

The perpetrators of violence had since been in the bound state is performed three times, and I behave always discreetly, said the prison Director, Uwe Schäfer, the newspaper.

Würzburg: Two arrests after child porn suspect

on suspicion of the production and distribution of child pornography have taken investigators in Wurzburg, two suspects on a provisional basis. Whether or not the two be brought before a judge, was, according to police reports Thursday initially unclear. On Wednesday police officers – including special forces – several objects in the Bavarian town had been searched by, including a day-care centre was.

eat: woman at accident sports car thrown – dead

On the A52 at Essen came late on Wednesday evening a woman in a car accident. As the fire and rescue services, found after alerting by other road users, a completely destroyed sports car, which had been thrown down a slope. Accordingly, the rescuers discovered the woman outside the vehicle, died at the scene of the accident. Several media reports suggested that the victims are an 18-Year-old act, which was sitting as a passenger in the car.

The driver, apparently a 23-year-old man, was able to leave the pushchair, therefore, self-employed and was powered by an ambulance and taken to the hospital. According to the Cologne “Express” should he have to Overtake the control of the vehicle is lost.

news of Wednesday, 20. March

Dinslaken: man Dating ten years on the Parking lot

In Dinslaken on the edge of the Ruhr area 29 has been taken-Year-old on suspicion of sexual abuse of children, because he has a date with a ten year old girl. As “RP Online” reported, citing the police should have arranged to meet the man with the child in a Parking lot, to tickle it for money. According to the report, the girl’s mother and the other the man on the location of the date would have set a trap. They had blocked the exit of the Parking lot and the Suspect to escape would be prevented. The agreed police arrested him and also made sure the data carrier as evidence.

The family of the child should have presented to the police is also evidence, in the Form of mobile data. The appointment is made, therefore, through the social network Instagram. The minimum age to use the service is, in fact, at the age of 13. The officials then determine whether there has been further appointments, or contacts to Minors.

Berlin: man beats Pregnant women in the belly

In Berlin, has beaten a man, a pregnant woman in the stomach. As the police reported, occurred the incident on Tuesday afternoon on the S-train station Neukölln. Two 41-and 47-year-old women stood with their children on the train platform, when a man walking his dog past you went. Because he was apparently too close to them, it came to a dispute, in which the man is offensive to women. Although the women could not remember the exact wording, the insults have, however, based on their headscarves. The man should have beaten the 41-year-old pregnant woman during the altercation in the belly, it says. The 47-could be Years of dodging a blow. Subsequently, the man fled. Rescuers brought the Pregnant woman to a hospital. The state protection determines.


The S-train station Neukölln to have to beat the man (symbol photo)

©Paul Zinken/ Picture Alliance: large-scale use in KFC-branches – guests, it was bad

large-scale operation in the world of fresh produce branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken (North Rhine-Westphalia). There are several guests complained on Tuesday evening at around 22.30, Nausea, after they had eaten parts of the chicken. As the Portal “ruhr24.de” reported to have one of them even vomited. Several ambulances and paramedics rushed. The people concerned should have explained to the police that they noticed first of all a eye-catching taste. Five persons were admitted with suspected food poisoning in surrounding hospitals. The police made sure the meat samples. The Fast-Food Restaurant had to close after the incident. According to the report, the local health Department was on Wednesday morning.

Usedom: 18-Year-old is dead, in housing

In Zinnowitz on the Baltic sea island of Usedom (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) the police found an 18-Year-old dead in an apartment. As the “Ostsee-Zeitung” reported, should belong to the apartment to an assisted living facility of the Christian youth village work. As the officials reported in the morning, they were informed on Tuesday evening around 21 o’clock. An emergency doctor could only determine the death of the young woman. Your outer injuries pointed to homicide. The newspaper report referred to the young woman-stick injuries should be succumbed to. The Tote is currently the autopsy in the medicine of Greifswald. Detectives are with a large investigator group. Currently, will is determined in all directions, especially in the personal environment of the victim.

Uetze: man dead from Gully

secure On a campsite in Uetze, near Hannover, the fire Department has rescued a man dead from a Gully-shaft. As the “Schaumburg news” reports, the found son-in-law the 68-Year-old on Tuesday evening on the grounds headlong into the shaft sticking. According to the report, the man police had information according to which preparation of the water-carrying shaft running.

Homburg: major fire in chemical factory

In the Homburg (Saarland) broke out on Tuesday afternoon in a chemical plant. The police has asked the residents to keep Windows and doors closed and to deactivate air – conditioning and ventilation systems. The fire had initially broken out in a warehouse for plastic granules. Then the flames spread to be processed at a different company, in the non-ferrous metals, such as the police reported. Adjacent buildings were evacuated. The residents had to spend the night in a shelter. There is no risk of further chemical substances, notified the police on Twitter. Also on Wednesday morning, extinguishing the fire were not yet finished, such as the “Saarbrücker Zeitung” reported. Why the fire broke out, and how high the damage is, is still unclear. The fire Department has set up the phone number 06841/924 11 50 a citizen’s phone.


A large column of smoke rises from a fire in a factory hall of a former tube factory in Homburg. The fire Department was also busy on Wednesday morning with the fire.

©Becker & Bredel DPA

+++ use of fire HOMBURG +++ 04:30 PM update we are Still Posted, along with forces from across the circle and…

Feuerwehr Blieskastel-Mitte on Tuesday, 19. March 2019

news from Tuesday, 19. March

eat: woman delivers after paramedics

Brutal use for a paramedic in food: The 28-Year-old was brought with his two colleagues to a use in the old town. As the police reported on Tuesday, occurred the incident, already late on Friday evening. Witnesses had seen a young woman helplessly lying on the floor and dialed. As the paramedics tried to check her vitals, the woman to beat. Still on the Stretcher lying, they stepped into the face of the first aider, the cutting edge of broke teeth. With the support of the police the woman apparently was on drugs and drunk could be placed in a hospital. There, she was placed later on to a secured Station. The paramedic was treated medically and had to terminate his service. Against the woman criminal was put to display.

Bühl: man lays down naked on the pavement

In baden-württemberg, Bühl has taken care of a man for attention. As the police reported Tuesday, reported witnesses late Monday afternoon at 17.15 a man who got rid of his clothes and, shortly afterwards, completely naked on the sidewalk. Officials and an added established of the crew of the rescue service took care of the obviously in a mental state of being Lord, and brought him to a hospital.

Kaiserslautern: man forgets car at gas station

In Kaiserslautern (Rheinland-Pfalz) has fueled a man with his car and then at the pump forget. The 41-Year-old have bought in the cash room, still drinks, paid and then left, police said on Tuesday. As he was on Monday, about three hours later, turned the gas stations Manager in Kaiserslautern to the police. The found out that the vehicle belonged to a firm in the vicinity. Thanks to a staff ID in the car, also 41, was tracked down-Year-old quickly left the car. The officials the man had stated that he would walk to the gas station to buy something: “The car he forgot this time.”

Mühlhausen: the dispute in the apartment ends deadly

In the Thuringian town of Mühlhausen was injured on Monday evening a man in a quarrel fatal. As the police reported, there was apparently a dispute between the victim and his 22-year-old well-Known. This was so escalated that the man had to be delivered to his injuries died, and the woman with serious injuries in hospital. How it came to the dispute, is still unclear. Also, the identity of the victim has not yet been clarified beyond doubt. The criminal investigation is determined.

+++ Update (17.08): In a further press release, the police announced that the Killed a 31-year-old man. The 22-year-old suspect was, however, again at liberty, and I can leave the hospital on Tuesday night. Accordingly, it can not be excluded that the woman acted in self-defense, write to the officials. +++

Bad Hindelang: holidaymakers fall ill to Norovirus

Around 40 guests of a hotel have become ill in the Allgäu region of a gastro-intestinal infection. The Board of health ordered on Monday extensive disinfection measures for the Hotel in Bad Hindelang. How the Landratsamt Oberallgäu reported, are only ill guests and employees of the house. The authorities suspect that norovirus is prevalent in the Hotel grass. The results of the Tests, however, are expected in the coming days.

In the Hotel arrived on Saturday, a lot of vacationers. Some of them were shown on Sunday signs of the disease, on Monday, the health was on velvet. As a spokesman of the district authority explained, power is supplied to the sick in the Hotel medical. The Norovirus is very easily transmitted and is one of the world’s most common pathogens for sudden vomiting and diarrhea.

news of Monday, 18. March

Celle: dead Baby in the car

In the lower Saxony town of Celle, police officers discovered a lighter note, a dead Baby in a car. Previous investigations have revealed that the 29-year-old mother in labor, the little girl about a week earlier, to Early to give birth at home had said in the press release of the police. Therefore, it is determined against the wife because of a Homicide.

Currently, it is assumed that the newborn, was discovered on Wednesday evening, due to a loss of Oxygen, possibly by Suffocation, killed. The exact cause of death is intended to clarify a court medical examination, the investigation was going.

Hahn Bach: the farmer sows the huge marriage proposal

In the Bavarian town of rooster Creek where a farmer has made his girlfriend an unusual and creative marriage proposal. So had Bauer Florian-and-White question of questions – in his case, “Mogst mi heiran?” – a few months ago in a field sown, the fruits of his labor to “harvest”. “It was a night and fog action,” said the 24-Year-old the German press Agency on Monday. Earlier, it was reported “onetz.de”.

last autumn he had sown the barley with a modern and extremely precise working machine, said White. A couple of weeks grew the Whole thing, until he took his girlfriend on the field in Hahn Bach, near Regensburg, together with her from a crane 30 meters in height and his question finally. She said Yes – the wedding will take place this October.

White and his girlfriend are private information for six years, a Couple for two years you live together. Therefore, he was in front of the application is quite optimistic. Rather, he was worried that his Plan might not work. “You need a culture that develops in the autumn, so you can read the letters,” he said. Because of the dry weather he had feared, in the meantime, that the seed could not rise far enough.


With this creative and impressive marriage proposal, a farmer from Bavaria, had full success in October, the wedding bells are ringing

©Thilo to Büdingen here Stetter DPA: Drunken father drives the child to school

In the Hessian town of Büdingen, the police caught a 52-Year-old who has drunk strong his child to school by car. Accordingly, the officers had positioned themselves for a routine check at the school, as only ten minutes later, the father went into the net. Because the police officers in the control of alcohol, bad smell, did you do a breath alcohol test. The result: The man was sitting with almost 1.4 per thousand on the tax.

The 52-Year-old was prohibited from further travel, his driver succumbed to the officials. In addition, the man had to withdrawal with blood. It should also be banned from driving into the house.

in addition to the drunken father, the police officers found during their inspections that several of the children were properly buckled in. The caught parents must now reckon with a cautionary.

Because on the Rhine: a Supposedly dead only slept very tight

In Weil am Rhein (Baden-Württemberg) has a supposedly dead man a use of the rescue service and police. Accordingly, the man was weggeschlummert during a bus journey in such a way that other passengers were dead. “Only by the setting of a painful stimulus awakened the passenger from its deep sleep,” write the officials in their press release on the incident, which occurred last Friday evening. The Bus continued its journey then normal.

Bad Vilbel: nine-year-old distributed savings of the parents

A creative idea, his pocket money, had at the weekend, a nine-year-old from the Hessian town of Bad Vilbel. As the “Frankfurter Rundschau” reported: first, walked the Boy in the neighborhood, door-to-door, and claimed to have currency notes found that he wanted to give back. As a supposedly honest wage hoping to find a appropriate find. While some of the neighbors slipped a few euros, called the police, because to him the thing seemed strange. The officials found the Small bag with approx. 2700 euros – as he himself admitted, the entire savings of his parents. It turned out that the Boy had already been distributed to 260 Euro among the neighbors. The recipients of the Tickets will be asked the parents to return the money.

Flensburg, Germany: a Truck driver after the death of 14-Year-old

condemned, It was a tragedy on the first school run after the summer holidays: After the death of a 14-year-old cyclist in a Cornering accident in Flensburg, a truck driver has been sentenced to probation. The district court acquitted him on Monday of negligent homicide not guilty. According to the verdict, the now 54-Year-old had been overlooked in the year 2017, with the priority to eligible students during the Turn and run over. The judge looked at it, the judgment established that the truck driver can avoid the deadly accident with the twelve-tonner. The man was sentenced to imprisonment eight months, suspended on probation.

At the red light, the man had not taken according to the verdict, is sufficient on the bike path. And as the light turns Green jumped, and he wanted to turn, was he not groping and ready to brake in the intersection to be retracted. The Boy who was on the first day of school after the summer holidays, on the way to school, in vain to Dodge attempts, said the judge. He was run over by a truck. He died on the afternoon of the same day in hospital of his injuries.

king of winter: a Fatal Truck accident, problems with rescue alley

with two semi-trailers collided in the Morning on the A3 in rush-hour traffic, the driver of a passenger Car. Between seven mountains and the junction Bonn/Siegburg, he drove, according to police – apparently with a high rate of speed on a Truck. Of this he bounced off and was clipped in the result of another Truck. Ultimately, the car came to the guard rail. Rescuers were able to retrieve the driver’s only dead from the completely destroyed car. Like a fire brigade spokesman said there had been even more problems with the emergency lane. “It didn’t work. Various vehicles were in the way,” said the spokesman.

Mörfelden: Drunk driver with a fire extinguisher

attacked Because it was allegedly too fast, attacked a drunk passenger on Sunday the driver of the ICE and forced to Stop. As the Federal police announced, proposed to the 30-Year-old with a fire extinguisher, the glass door to the leader, whereupon the driver Mörfelden the ICE in the direction of Paris is already at the station-Walldorf – only a few minutes after the departure at the Frankfurt main train station – stopped. He suffered a shock – the about 400 passengers had to continue their travel in other trains. A Patrol car of the police took the aggressive man from Heidelberg finally. A breath akoholtest gave a value of 1.73 ppm. The Federal police initiated an investigation against him for dangerous interference in rail transport, as well as property damage and assault.

Fulda: woman brings Baby to the edge of the road to the world

Something in a hurry, the offspring of a pair that was on Sunday on the way to the hospital had it. The parents-to-be parked their car in the German company called Hünfeld on the roadside and informed the ambulance. While police officers guided traffic at the car in the small family over, the little Boy came to the world. According to the police, his parents gave him the name of Felix. “So Happy – that fits,” said a police spokesman. The 28-year-old mother, and the child is well. Also the father got through the exciting use good.

Möckmühl: sports car rolls over, driver dead

On the A81 motorway in the vicinity of Heilbronn, Germany, came on Sunday evening, the driver of a sports car were killed. As reported by the police, the 46-Year-old is at the height Mockmühl in the direction of Würzburg with his Porsche into a Spin, the car overturned and remained closingon the roof. The emergency doctor could not help the man – he died still at the accident scene. Why he lost control of his car, was initially unclear.

sources: Twitter”Saarbrücker Zeitung”/police press/”Schaumburger Nachrichten”/”Ruhr24.de”/”Ostsee-Zeitung”/police of Munich/Berlin.de/”RP Online”/”Westfalen-Blatt”

news from Germany the week of January 11. to 17. March 2019, you can read here:


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