His own mother has been killed by a Spaniard, according to police sources, dismembered, and along with his dog partially eaten. The gruesome cannibalism case, the police discovered on Thursday in Madrid, caught on Saturday in the Spanish media stir. The officials have offered, upon Entering the apartment, “a shocking scene”, wrote the newspaper “ABC”. They have discovered body parts of the 66-year-old victim in the whole house in Tupper doses, it said.

An officer had become ill, he had to leave the scene of the crime for a short time, wrote the newspaper “El País”. The 26-year-old son had confessed to the crime immediately. How he killed his mother, was not known.

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One Night decides Sagawa make his fantasy a reality. He is a cannibal

a son abused mother and was, therefore, convicted

The Detained, is said to have consumed drugs, is his mother several times in the past, miss, and had been so previously convicted, it said. Neighbors declared that it had often given a noisy quarrel between the two. A friend of the mother had alerted the authorities after she was able to reach the woman have seen for a month or by phone.

Sketch ends absolutely disturbing

Comedian Food-bloggers know, he serve human flesh and eats it

“This is a fillet of a vegetarian-lined Chinese,” says a would-be waiter, as he served the Food-Blogger Bill Jilla, a piece of meat. Of course that is not true. However, the Gourmet will not know it and eat the meat anyway.

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