How did you become a plant doctor?

I have learned to be a gardener, quite classic. In Wolfenbüttel. As an apprentice, I was pleased when I was allowed to wear for the first Time the protective suit and the gift-filled syringe received in the Hand. I have sprayed insect poison and never thought about whether or not this is harmful. Then I took a garden center. With all the plant protection products are offered from the industry. But at some point I started to ask questions.

Today, they call themselves the “plant doctor” and made the term even protect. Why?

So I’m not going to be confused with the so-called plant doctors from the hardware stores. I advise regardless. I am free from industrial and commercial interests. If it is desired, I also do home visits.

What you will experience?

I’m the lady who has bought an Orchid for $ 3.99 at the supermarket. The Plant has Mealybugs in the masses. The orange oil cure. The lady on the flower. So I’m helping her. Just as the Villa owners, which is a form of shrub has bought for 6000 Euro, the fungus has, and threatens to go broke.

you Can always help?

In 99 percent of cases.

In which case, is it not?

A owner of the house ordered me to showed me the beech of the neighbors, their Branches sticking out in his garden, and asked: How do I kill the best?

guess sometimes the cases?

When a tree is terminally ill or has already died, I, of course, to the cases. A gardener needs sometimes a hard heart and a sharp saw.


Mandir (on the right) with a star-author Norbert Höfler

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What is the cost of a home visit?

For me, there are NHS patients and private patients. Cash patients come to my office hours, bring the patient and I look me the to. The cost is nothing. A home visit costs 150 Euro. If I have to travel far, I calculate the directions. Recently, I was in Bremen. The client says: My husband has a season ticket for the football club and I do not begrudge me the plant doctor.

What was your finding?

ash was hopelessly sick, the big old hydrangeas need fertilizer. The bog plants, the acidic soil need. I was able to save a Tuya, the stand to dry. I took three water bottles, drilled small holes in the screw caps and put them in the ground.

As an Infusion.

Yes. The bottles need to be refilled regularly, there are a few nutrients that are still to come, and the Tuja comes back to life.

Why consult the plant doctors in the major markets, often so bad?

I must take my colleagues a little bit in protection. The often have really Stress. The clientele has a lot of questions, behind the next in the queue already, a delivery urgently needs to be unpacked. There’s just no time. That needs to change.

But there are also those that always advise to poison?

Yes. Unfortunately.

Needs of hobby gardeners of all chemicals in his garden?

My Belief is: no. In France, chemical plant protection in the house and small garden already prohibited. This will also be with us soon.

But it is really without?

Yes, in the hobby of garden in any case. Gardeners don’t need.