Munich: nooner in a foreign car to an abrupt place at the end of

Sometimes it needs to go just quickly to the end of your to have sex is a Munich, had not a young Couple but sure: As reported by the police, had a 27-Year-old and a one year younger woman for your Tête-à-Tête is a strange and unlocked selected a parked car, they found themselves locked up, then all of a sudden.

Thus, had met the two shortly before in a nightclub, told the officials on Monday. In search of a secluded spot on Sunday evening in the city center of Munich, you would have discovered the car unlocked at the roadside stand. “You just want to have fun”, said the police and wrote on Twitter: #if urgent and #caravanoflove.

The pleasure was a sudden end, as the lovers found that the car had doors from the inside is no longer open. In their Distress, they alerted the police, who freed her with the help of the fire brigade.

What happened to the 27-Year-old Munich, and his 26-year-old attendant from the area of Starnberg, the police are not known. “We do not know whether we can, in nine months re-sampling duties,” said a spokesman. It was unclear what the owner of the car says to the incident. His car had to be towed in because the doors were after the liberation action is not more close.

Bergheim: woman admits after ten years, murder of husband

In a ten-year-old murder case, the Cologne homicide Commission is the wife of the victim. The police announced on Monday morning, it should have killed the 37-Year-old in 2008, her husband. Peter J. from the North Rhine-Westphalian Bergheim was at the time, disappeared at the age of 46 without a trace from his life environment and was never reported missing. 19. June 2008, a Walker was on the banks of the river Maas, near the Belgian town of Amay a dead person was wrapped in a plastic bag. The corpse had stab wounds, arms, and legs were missing. On the right shoulder a tattoo with the German name, Sabine and Peter. Until the end of 2018, following a repeat airing of the Case in the Mug show “aktenzeichen XY ungelöst”, managed by Belgian investigators of the evidence, that it was found the Torso parts of the body of J. it. Since it was assumed that the body had only been in Belgium placed, the Cologne public Prosecutor’s investigations in the living environment of the Killed. After several hours of interrogation, the 37-year-old wife of the victim, has confessed to the crime. A judge has issued at the request of the public Prosecutor’s office arrest warrant for murder.

beautiful forest: girls of roof avalanche

In Schönwald in the black forest, spilled a girl from a roof avalanche is spilled and dangerous to life had been violated. The eight-year-old was buried under the masses of Snow completely, as the police announced on Sunday. The parents and called first responders freed the child with blades and tried to revive. According to a further supply by the rescue forces, the child was placed with a rescue helicopter to a hospital. According to a police spokesperson, were mounted on the roof of a private house in the village of Schonwald in the black forest, no snow guards. Whether the area was secured below the house roof, was initially unclear. This is now the subject of investigations.

Freren: hut on the camping explode, because the man lit up a cigarette?

In lower Saxony, Freren, it came on a Sunday afternoon at a campsite to an Explosion. The police announced on Monday morning, was injured a 46-Year-old it heavy. The sister of the man noticed in front of the Detonation gas smell in the wooden hut and opened together with her brother to the window, so that the Gas exhaled which is presumably a catalytic furnace. Then she left the hut. A little later the shack exploded and was destroyed completely. The 46-year-old resident has a life-threatening injury. He had to be taken to a hospital to Lingen. The first investigation that he had fired just prior to the Detonation of a cigarette. Whether the Explosion was caused by the fact, is still unclear. The police are investigating.


The wooden hut is situated after the gas explosion in the ruins

©Nord-West-Media TV dpa Edewecht: Navi guides Audi-driver in the coastal channel

In Edewecht-Husbäke in Oldenburg travel for an Audi driver ended up in a canal. The police announced, received the officials on Sunday 18 at an emergency call that in the height of a peat plant, a passenger in the coastal channel of dangers. The driver had not been able to independently release from the vehicle. The police officers of the 69 learned-Year-old, that he was of his navigation system in the dark and with light rain in the curve area on the site of a peat plant, and there, in addition to a loading station, go straight through the harbour’s edge in the coastal channel guide. Even before the car was dropped, he had to escape through an open side window. On Land, he stopped a passing car, whose driver had finally been dispatched to the emergency. Since the Audi had by now fallen completely and no longer visible in the murky water from the shore, were requested for the Search and rescue work, the use of divers, the DLRG. In addition, the ship traffic was blocked. Only at 23 o’clock the operation was completed.

sources: press portal police

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