the start of your service on the 18. July of last year, has handed over the Bavarian border police at the German external borders in the free state a total of 15 illegally arrived persons to the Federal police. This number is the Federal police headquarters in Potsdam on star informed request. Smugglers have the Bavarian officials until 28. December, according to the found and to the Federal police.

The original for the backup of the Federal border and Federal police has found from August to November in Bavaria, a total of 4418 illegally arrived people and 266 people smugglers.

Bavarian border police to the Federal police to help

Compare the Numbers, however, can not readily, and this is not only due to the different time periods of collection. Because the security of the borders follows a hierarchy, according to which the Bavarian border police could only perform on “the request or with the consent of the Federal police,” border controls, as a spokeswoman for the Federal police said.

the fight against illegal immigrants

For a month, there is the Bavarian border police – that is the balance of your work

By Daniel Wüstenberg

“In practice, this means that the Federal police assumes, as previously, on the basis of its own assessment of the situation inspection of the items. On the to be filled control areas, the Federal police informed the police. These spreads, in turn, based on a concrete proposal for a private inspection body. The Federal police agreed to this proposal, the national police controls at the agreed location.”, the spokeswoman said the procedure. There is a “very good cooperation” between the two authorities.

Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Hermann, the previous work of the Bavarian border police evaluates as a success. “It provides you with increased control density and increased police presence for a significant safety gain”, the CSU politician already in October – and draws his conclusions in the other Figures. According to the Bavarian radio Hermann includes in his statistics of the Apprehensions in the framework of the so-called veil search in the 30-km Hinterland of the Federal limit. Hermann spoke of over 200 Ads and made the Bavarian officers due to illegal Entry. In addition, approximately 1800 additional violations were found, mostly traffic and drug offences. The “veil search” was, however, already prior to the establishment of the new border police of the Bavarian officials. To what extent the Figures alone, the newly established force, are due to, or whether they would have been with the “traditional” country police, is open.

“There is neither a need, nor a Problem,”

the state opposition leader Katharina Schulze, from the Greens, described the latest Figures as “puny”. It does not make sense, Bavarian police officers at the borders, she informed the star. “There is neither a need, nor a Problem that could not solve the Federal police alone.” Schulze called for an end to the border controls. “They damage our economy and place a burden on travelers, commuters and border communities.” But to put an end to the controls of Bavaria, thinks the Minister of the interior Hermann: “as Long as the EU external border does not work properly sufficient, our internal border controls are absolutely necessary,” the CSU politician.

The Bavarian border police was established in the summer of last year, the CSU state government before the state election. “We will continue – and that is the goal – a clear Signal to the international tractor and trafficking scene, that it is worth less to exceed the Federal limits, and that it is even less worthwhile to do it here in Bavaria,” said the Prime Minister, Markus Söder at the time. (Read here in the star more to the background reasons for the establishment of the Bavarian border police.)

The new force currently consists of 500 officers, it will be supplemented this year by a further 100. The goal is a total of 1000 men and women for the service to recruit – so it is agreed in the coalition agreement between CSU and the Free voters.

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