In the debate about the introduction of a basic pension CSU leader Markus Söder proposes a “pension” protective shield “for the age”.

“We want a target accurate and bureaucracy-poor solution from a single source,” said Söder of the German press Agency in Berlin. He uses a CSU model against the plans of the Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD).

The salvation provided for revaluation of small pensions above a certain threshold, and after at least 35 years of contribution Söder rejected. “The SPD breaks the coalition agreement, we will improve it,” he said. Healing wishes to dispense with in the coalition agreement provided for checking whether someone is in need of the basic pension at all.

“no one should feel at the end of a long life, power of being deported and fear of poverty in old age must have,” said Söder. The CSU wants to introduce in the case of recipients of basic security in old age allowances for statutory pensions and assets in the basic security significantly raise.

The Bavarian Prime Minister is to reach an early agreement. “I would like to actually, we implement the basic pension up to the summer break,” he said. “That would be a good Signal to the new German länder.” In the autumn, is elected by Saxony, Brandenburg and Thuringia.

at The core of the pension paper of the CSU, which is the dpa, that recipients can keep track of basic security in old age to a maximum of 212 euros per month from her state pension. Today, this applies only if you are prepared for Riester or occupational pensions. The new exemption amounts will apply if you have at least accumulated 35 years of contributions. The CSU is anticipating a cost of around 445 million euros in the year. About 175,000 people would benefit accordingly.

With an additional Allowance in the amount of mothers ‘ pension, all those rewards, the children have pulled. Because today is the mothers ‘ pension, will be deducted at the basic security in old age. For this purpose, the CSU anticipates a cost of 50 to 60 million euros and 40,000 to 60,000 beneficiaries.

in Addition, want to measure the CSU, the assets in the basic security in old age far more generous. So far, older people need to consume in Retirement their savings in cash up to a residual amount of EUR 5,000, before you get basic protection in old age. It wants to increase the CSU to 15,000 euros tripled. At a cost of 90 million Euro per year, the CSU expects that around 150,000 people would benefit from this.

In December 2017, approximately 544.000 people received basic security in old age, the equivalent of Hartz IV. salvation had been announced for may, a draft law to its concept, to improve the pensions of three to four million people. Salvation concept is a mid-single-digit billion amount per year is significantly more expensive than the CSU proposal. Söder criticized it as an “annuity policy with the watering can”. In addition, basic social security benefits would be paid in the old age only in the case of a residence in Germany. The CSU model and prevents the risk of the export of power abroad, said Söder.