The Berlin referendum on the expropriation of large housing companies has triggered a fierce debate about the meaning of such a measure. Hardly the collection of signatures at the weekend had begun, drove the enemy heavy guns. “Expropriations are now really socialist ideas and have to do with civic politics,” said Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), the “Münchner Merkur”. “Weak-minded debate of the day before yesterday,” grumbled Söders construction Minister Hans Reichhart (CSU).

SPD Federal Vice Ralf Stegner could not ask for a long time. “There are some semi-criminal behaviour, in which the Plight of the tenant is taken advantage of. In these cases, the state must prove ability to act,” he said of the editors ‘ network of Germany. Expropriation is a last “self-defense law” of the state.

“wish me more of courage, Andrea Nahles, SPD”

The Green-Federal Chairman Robert Habeck expressed cautious support. Expropriations, he does not think that, in principle, conceivable. If, for example, the owner of idle land wanted to build, nor to the city to sell, must, if necessary, the consequences of the expropriation, he told the “Welt am Sonntag”. But it must be asked whether the funds would be used for the compensation in case of expropriation, could not be with a larger effect used in a different way.


Initiative which seeks to expropriate real estate companies in Berlin – but is that so easy?

Enormous rent increases and speculators who let their apartments for profit, greed, empty: don’t want to accept the Initiative in Berlin. The activists want to expropriate real estate companies in doubt. But is that so easy?

CSU land group chief Alexander Dobrindt attacked Habeck sharp. “Who is Mr Habeck, according to the Motto ‘Expropriate instead to Build’ not only creates new social injustices and the social peace in question”, said Dobrindt in the Newspapers of the Funke media group. CSU General Secretary Markus flower threw Habeck, who had lost “any orientation”. Socialist ideas have worked in the middle of nowhere, he told the “Rheinische Post”. If Habeck’m serious, he could start “with its expropriation of idea once the luxury Penthouse apartments its Green pendant in the Prenzlauer Berg district,” said flower.

prices in Germany

apartment corporations expropriate? Why this is not the solution

Of Katharina Grimm

Stegner recalled that the basic law defines that the property becomes mandatory. There is not that every self-Next and the market is sacred. Expropriations are not sure the most important means to the reason to enforce the right to affordable Housing, he wrote on Sunday on Twitter. “In addition to rent stop, ground the taxation of profits, more and more tenant rights, and the promotion of cooperatives, it remains but self-defense against the free-Market radicalism for the state’s capacity to act!” He objected also to the SPD chair Andrea Nahles. The had spoken in the “picture on Sunday” against expropriations. Instead, the SPD wool stop a Rent.

Left-Boss Katja Kipping accused the SPD then hesitation in the case of the expropriation of the question. “I wish I had more courage of Andrea Nahles and the SPD,” she said of the “world”. The center will be expropriated for Rent every month by exploding. “That is why we need the socialization of the housing corporations”, called Kipping.

cities of the Confederation warns against expropriation

the cities designated and municipalities not only expropriation, but the debate about harmful. “Such audience, effective discussions, which are even supported by some politicians, reduces the willingness of private investors to create new and additional living space, in the doubt,” said Gerd Landsberg, managing Director of the cities and Gemeindebunds, the “Passauer Neue Presse”. The hope, expropriation of large housing corporations could alleviate the housing shortage, he described as a “mistaken belief”.

nationwide had demonstrated on Saturday tens of thousands against rising Rents. The initiators of the non-binding referendum request invoke article 15 of the basic law. He can be under the conditions of the Transfer of land or means of production in return for compensation in public ownership. The initiative aims to support the group, Deutsche Wohnen, which owns in Berlin, around 112,000 apartments. The purchase could cost the country more than 30 billion euros.

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