The time change brings the internal clock of the human body temporarily out of the cycle


Twice a year, the questions arise: when will be converted the time? We get an hour paid, or will be, robbed us of 60 minutes of sleep that night? Many of the people in power of exchange to create.

The next time change is on Sunday, 31. March 2019. Then the summer time begins.

brief responses to the time change

First the bad news: in The summer time, clocks are set forward one hour from 2 to 3 o’clock in the night to Sunday. As a result, the hour for sleep-in missing: But As a compensation it will be in the coming months an hour later, dark. Little donkey bridges can help you in future time changes, to set the hands immediately in the correct direction. A selection:

is The time to transition as the temperatures: In summer and in Winter in Minus.

Talk back: In the spring, will be presented (plus), in autumn (minus).

In the spring you have to get up earlier.

explanation: Since the clock is presented, you can sleep one hour less.

In the spring, the garden furniture back before coming back in front of the door, in the autumn, in the shed, always in the direction of the summer: in spring, in autumn.It is the 2-3-2 rule applies: Only in the spring from 2 to 3 p.m. later in the fall from 3 to 2 at the change-over.Or, if you like it in English: Spring forward, fall back.Why do we struggle so with the time change?

After the night of the time change in every four suffers from sleep disorders and is not daytime fit properly. Also, the number of traffic accidents is increasing. Why is that? The beginning of Winter or the summer time is almost like a little jet-lagged.

Who has already brought in more frequently for long air travel across several time zones behind, knows the Problem. After the flight, you must give his internal clock a couple of days for the changeover. Until then, this is stay Awake at the Desk, hard to sleep Through the night.

the clock inside The device from the clock

Winter and summer time

What’s this annoying time to change?

Background: 24 hours the earth takes to rotate once around itself. This rhythm follows the natural and the human. Almost every cell has a tiny internal clock, in the Form of genes and proteins that control the up and down of your metabolism. The “master clock” that synchronizes all the little timepiece, is situated in the middle of the brain. In the case of long flights or time range changeover device, this internal clock is out of rhythm.

A tip: if you want to make it easier, already on the evening before the changeover to bed earlier.

See and Understand More at the time of conversion, the star-info graphic:


winter time

shows Makes with the time change!

you Should get upset? The fulminations against the time change has so far brought in just as little as the conversion itself. Nevertheless, stoically held on to it. Time for a turning point!

Dieter Hoß ROA/sve/sun/star infographic