it is Still dark outside the window, if most of the Germans in the morning the alarm clock rings. But there is relief in sight: On 21. December, the shortest day of the year, it was set for just seven hours and 39 minutes light and most of the had to the way to work, school, or daycare in the dark. Also at the beginning of January, the share of the daylight is to be measured in hours according to data from the Website with about eight just. Who is the dark Morning and evening hours, on the mind beat, slowly breathe a sigh of relief, because the days are getting longer and longer faster and faster, as the chart from Statista shows.

Were gained between the beginning and the end of January, only about 40 minutes of daylight, it will be between the beginning of February and the end of February already about an hour. Responsible for the unequal growth of the Rotation of the earth’s axis that creates the seasons of the year. The shortest and the longest day of the year, the solstices, the earth’s axis in each case the largest angle of rotation. At 0 degrees the axis of rotation, the so-called Equinoxe, in which brightness and darkness to keep the balance. Between these points the rise and fall of daylight hours in a sine curve.

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Up to minus 20 degrees

Germany shivers: Live map shows how cold it is currently in and how chilly it still is

extra warm socks and thick sweaters in long-term use: is It already cold in Germany. Where the icy winter weather is currently feel and how cold the High, “Brigida” is true, shows a Live weather map.

DPA Statista