An entire army was trapped in Stalingrad. Their liberation should lead to the legendary field Marshal Manstein – Hitler’s most famous strategist. As its Name in the boiler was known to captain Friedrich Waldhausen wrote enthusiastically: “Yesterday evening, the field Marshal of Manstein out of sent the following telegram to our included handful: Hold on, I knock you out. Manstein. This has been taken from us! That was more than a train full of ammunition and a JU full Board! I leave it to all soldiers. We will endure! The mood of the troops was exemplary. Everything blows into our singing. Most of the sick are suddenly become healthy again. Everything is confident: Hold on, I’ll punch you out!”

lines in the Steppe collapsed

a Few days before, on 19. In November 1942, had begun the attack of Soviet troops to the German 6. Army and their allies in Stalingrad trap. The onslaught could not be stopped by the axis powers. Your fight vigorously most of the troops were concentrated in Stalingrad. There, it was the German that, despite the loss of rich fighting managed to drive the Soviets out of the city.

The long flanks in the open landscape had to be bad back up, well equipped Italian and Romanian troops – they have been rubbed in the shortest amount of time, from the Russian T-34. After four days, the attack met the Red army in successive wedges at Kalatsch. Thus, the life-line of route of the railway, cut. The German 6. Army, parts of the 4. Tank army, and Romanian units with a total of 22 divisions and 330,000 soldiers in Stalingrad were cut off.

Stalingrad was not allowed to


German Drama


to be abandoned in A rapid outbreak could’ve been successful. Him under the German leadership said. Hitler wrote to the commander-in-chief of the 6. Army Of The Apostle Paul: “…The 6. Army must know that I do everything I can to help you and to shock you. I’m going to give her in time to my commands.” Hitler wanted to abandon the city and the commitment made by Herman göring to supply the Trapped from the air, familiar. An impossible task that the air force failed completely. The attempt of the city to fly to, had to the German machines soon a wall of fire of the air defence cross. The two major types of aircraft 266 Junkers Ju 52 were lost and 156 Henkel He 111.


The soldiers of the Red army were provided, in contrast to the Germans with winter clothes.

©Wikipedia Commons is Not enough forces for a counter-operation

Instead of the outbreak should be used to attack the Ring of the Red army to blow up. The Supreme command was entrusted to General field Marshal Manstein. But then a long time nothing happened. The lack of reserves, and the tottering German fronts led to delays. In the case of the Enclosed tipped the mood. The corporal Alois Müller wrote at this time to his wife. “Beloved Putzerl! Send the most heartfelt greetings from the Front. … I write in the dark, and it goes very bad. We are now 14 days in the position …. Dear Vinyl, I kiss You in the longing of the Steppe and the loneliness. Pray for us, there’s got to be better. Awful the war is. Sometimes I think so: when the world wanted to go. There must happen something, the times can’t go on like this.”

Only on 12. December handle the LVII. Tank corps, under the leadership of Colonel-General Hermann Hoth is finally – almost three weeks after the Red army had sealed off the city.

Apart from the weak German forces, some of the language is in theory for a relief attack. In the history of besieged armed forces, it was only rarely able to defeat their own strength, the besiegers, but almost always a siege had to be abandoned, when an army approached. Only Caesar was able to put in Alesia 52 BC the siege of the city continued, and at the same time an attack to fend off. But times had changed. The Red army closed the Ring around Stalingrad and had enough forces to push it away German fronts of the city.

image band Fighter!: The most dangerous fighter aircraft of the Second world war are alive flies Fullscreen

battle of Britain: A group of Messerschmidt Bf 109E over the channel. It is the first major defeat of the German air force followed.

©Jim Laurier/Gera moon publishing At the end remained a Division left

of The German attack, prospect of success would have had, had he been of strong units. In the home and in the boiler it was thought the name Manstein, that an army group would be summoned, or at least a whole army. In fact, the main utilisation of the burden of fighting alone the German 6. Tank division. You should be of the 23. Armored division are supported. This Association was, however, already to the beginning of the Operation, only a burnt-out shell. The state also used 17. Armored division was hardly better.Only the 6. Panzer division had its normal thickness and was equipped with modern tanks. Your Panzer IV with the Lanrohgeschütz could take out the T-34. In addition, the Division should receive the first Tiger I – one of the strongest German tank was equipped with the powerful 8.8-cannon. The nine allocated to Tiger, however, came too late in the field.

The German troops and fierce resistance was, which led to significant losses. As the resistance was finally broken, it reached the tank at the 20. December the river Myshkova. From there, there were only 55 kilometers to the South rim of the boiler. More than half of the track were laid back. In the night, the fire was glow over the city. “The worst situation is now over. We hope everything that we are up to Christmas out of the vessel,” wrote at the time, one of the soldiers.


storm attacks the Red army were also at the end of 1942, still in dense rows.

©Wikipedia Commons

In the boiler, the troops prepared for the outbreak. From the North edge of the soldiers were removed, the associations are destroyed, excess Material, only what could be transported was kept. The low inventories of gasoline have made a regular outbreak at the time is impossible. Most of the tanks and of the heavy equipment would be left lying in the winter steppe, probably. Nevertheless, the Included wanted the outbreak, in order to save at least the life of the soldiers. The remaining forces of the LVII. Tank corps were ready to take the decisive attack without any backup.

No one wanted to bear the responsibility

This Operation was never carried out. Successful attacks by the Red army threatened the German forces, in turn, of each supply is cut off. That was the end of the Operation “winter storm”, the remnants of the 6. Panzer division have been deducted. 24. December was the Included clear, that they would remain in Stalingrad. On Christmas eve, the soldier Kurt Haas wrote to his father in a field post letter, and that he will not return. “I want You to write something that sounds a little harsh, but we’re not women. If Karl should also be to Russia come or is yet to come, and it should come up a message (about my death (editor’s note)), which no one expected, to the office of the Military in a request a comes back so that You don’t have to experience the most terrible, that a second (death- (editors ‘ note)), the message comes home.”

The German forces were attacked by four corps of the Red army and the far-thrown back. The Superiority of the Soviets, it can be questioned whether a breakout scenario could have had the best success. In fact, the lack of courage of the military leadership was to blame, that this last faint Chance passed. None of the commanders wanted to load the responsibility on themselves and nobody wanted to act contrary to the commands of Hitler.

The Die in the boiler went on for six weeks. Of 330,000 Trapped survived about 6000 of the war.

notes: A reader made us aware of the fact that the Tiger tanks of the 6. January had arrived in the Region.

The field post letters from Stalingrad are reproduced in the original spelling. A selection can be found here.

weapons fair in Paris

tank Lynx protect – the new German export hit

the group is presenting in Paris a new tank. The Lynx is supposed to be inexpensive and reliable. It was designed mainly for Export all over the world.

Gernot Kramper

main gun for Leopard 3

This Three-ton cannon to Putin’s tanks-cracking

In Paris has the armor shown Rheinmetall a newly developed tank cannon. With one mighty missile, and the larger, 130-millimetre calibre, you should be able to compete with Putin’s Armata tank.

Gernot Kramper

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