dear Ms. Posche,

you have the SPD in the star of a farewell letter written and explains why you want to choose our party again. We feel addressed. And we want to respond to you. Not only because you have mentioned with Christina Kampmann, one of the two of us. I, Christina, am born in gütersloh hospital, but am in Bielefeld at home. And that I’ve taken care of in the previous, the NRW state government with a lot of heart and soul to families and young people, must be for the candidacy to the SPD presidency, not a stain.


“Embarrassed, sad, indecent, stupid”

see you, SPD! The sad farewell letter from a long-time voter to the Enjoyed

Ulrike Posche

you have described very clearly why, despite some of the disappointments again and again, social-democratically elected. You write of your grandmother and this feeling of, “if you choose SPD, the Good”. This emotional access to the SPD that we know. So we are up to in the SPD literally. I, Michael, I well remember my great-grandfather, Gustav, who returned as a marine heavy wounded from the First world war and as a miner in my home town of herring, the SPD co-founded. For him, the party was always a bulwark for peace and justice.

Neither the party nor the favorite team you have to look for to tactical points of

And me, Christina, it goes with the SPD’s a little like with Arminia Bielefeld. Neither is the favorite club of the ruling party, it seeks to tactical considerations. This is a real matter of the heart! And as Arminia Fan, and member of the SPD, I, what it is, stick with it don’t know, even if the way takes time, and made a Beeline straight ahead. Yes, there’s a good piece of the ability to suffer is one of them, but this feeling, to be on the right side. Self runner, there is neither in football, nor in politics, and believe me: A fair-weather-social-Democrat, I’ll be sure never. I am convinced that, Also for the SPD, better times will come back, if you dare to now bold a new departure.

“Embarrassed, sad, indecent, stupid” – your opinion on the SPD falls relentlessly. And so much it hurts: There’s a lot to it, but not quite as we want your criticism does not stand. The SPD has sure made some mistakes. But we take responsibility and throw not just at night and in fog in the towel like others. Also we are annoyed with some errors. And the SPD is now really the party in our country that is committed to be the most clear. Because, we must say: How much self-criticism you hear from other parties? We both run away, but want to lend a hand, so that the SPD will be again in the future stronger. We want to work hard to ensure that party supporters and a journalist, other adjectives come again soon in the sense, if you are talking about the oldest party of Germany, and writing.

state elections in Brandenburg

A “obzszönes” AfD-election poster angered the SPD-politician


in Spite of some errors, the SPD has set in a point always correct: Our party has always stood for peace, defending democracy and freedom against the Emperor and Bismarck, Hitler and the Communists. It is the oldest Alliance against the right. This is part of their DNA for 156 years. And you paid for it in blood. Thousands of social-Democrat and social-Democrats pursued since the founding of the party in 1863, suppressed, tortured, and murdered. We should remind again and again. But it is much more important, resulting in an order for current Actions.

It> comes to the Survival of our democracy

Here is the SPD still has its place, love woman Posche!

In your letter you complain of the handling of social Democrats among themselves. We share your criticism explicitly. We want to go even beyond that. Not only the management staff is sometimes disrespectful to each other. A brief look into social media enough to be scared, and sometimes even stunned to determine: A party in the fight so personal and unrelenting, has a serious Problem. And we, as NRWlerin and Hesse have been times in Wiesbaden and Düsseldorf, is still very accurately.

that is Why is us all the more aware of: Who claims to be the party of solidarity, it must also work in the own series decent and in solidarity with each other. Here you have us on your side. Fortunately, the vast majority of social Democrats as well.

Our party is supposed to be a home for optimists offer

And even more important: We want to be different. Much too often, the SPD, therefore, comes as a verzagter, bad-tempered bunch. We must radiate to the outside a lot more self-awareness, Confidence, and joy. Our party should in the future provide a home for optimists, makers, do-gooders, and visionary in the inside. It should be a Wake up call and as an exciting place of great debates and visions are perceived to be. And maybe you have the desire to join us, dear wife, Posche.