The criminal processing of the Cologne new year’s eve night of 2015 has brought a sobering result. More than 600 women sexual offences reported, yet only three sexual was able to transfer the judiciary, ultimately, how the “mirror” reported on Monday, citing a statement by the Cologne district court offenders. Two of these three sex offenders were accordingly suspended sentences.

“Overall, the result is sobering,” said court spokesman Wolfgang Schorn magazine. “The tumultuous Situation of the new year’s eve night has led to a very difficult proof.” So, it was hardly possible, individual perpetrators of specific acts.

43 the method according to Cologne’s new year’s eve

After the mass Assault on women and thefts in the environment of Cologne’s main train station had been determined, the office of the public Prosecutor according to the report, against 290 of the Suspect, but only 52 of them were accused in a total of 43 procedures. In the case of the accused it was according to the district court, mainly Algerians, Moroccans and Iraqis.

use in new year’s eve

only North Africans? New findings of the Cologne police


Of the 43 procedures were set six until Further notice because the whereabouts of the alleged perpetrators was not possible to determine. 37 proceedings came to an end, five were partly set against pads, 32 of them ended with convictions.

Mostly it was a matter of robbery, theft and receiving stolen property. The highest fine was given a 30-year-old Algerian, was convicted of felonious theft to one year and eleven months in prison.

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