A secretly-filmed Video in which Austria’s Vice-Chancellor and FPÖ-leader Heinz-Christian Strache, apparently state contracts in exchange for campaign aid, the government in Vienna under severe pressure. The oppositional SPÖ spoke of the “biggest scandal” in the recent history of the country. The liberal party Neos, new elections, to be referred to now as “inevitable”. It also provides for the Austrian press.


Austria, Graz: participant in a Demonstration of the socialist youth (SJ) and the Greens hold a poster with the inscription “The shame is Grande in the country”. Of Austria, the press is outraged over the Strache scandal.

©Peter Kolb DPA “Kronen Zeitung”

“Russian money, boozy nights, mysterious women, this is the environment in which the scenes play, which are now suitable to blow up the government. Completely bluntly explains how donors want to be with the help of obscure money the influence of the “crown” claws. To the case of the time, the FPÖ leader Strache and his Vice Gudenus in the party-filled Ibiza in the Video went, it was long known that the German Funke group has the intention to divest its 50-percent share of the “crown”. Here, it was assumed that gateway. […] The independence of the editorial is the object of desire of powerful interest groups-or billion-dollar financial would decorate the investors happy. “The crown‘ is THE MEDIUM‘, if the push‘, you can accomplish anything”, you can hear Strache in the rudder leiberl a swagger. Because of her influence, she is constantly threatened, because so many would wear the crown.”

huge scandal in Austria

In the trap: So FPÖ wanted-Chef Strache to half a billion “donations” come

AFP “The Standard”

“tried All of this happened in a heavily drunken state and at all was happening in the episode nothing to explain the FPÖ: no party donation flowed, no Takeover of the “Kronen Zeitung” to influence the national election takes place; and state the orders that Strache has made it in the Video as a reward for influencing the national election in view, are not, finally, been awarded to shady Russian investors. Please be nice: So drunk no one can be that he is forging such plans with Russian representatives. So drunk can’t nobody be that he realizes that it is breaking the law. As drunk can be, he passes then to the agenda.”

“Salzburger Nachrichten”

“whatever the Vice-Chancellor now to his defense’s argument, his case is very difficult to stop. How inadmissible the documentation of this blue revelation affidavit may shall be come, and who their authors were, the way of thinking of trade-exposed persons. The unauthorized hidden camera is just as little excuse as the alcohol pregnant holiday mood. Strache would have to get up and go for a decent politician. Instead, he stayed and talked himself into a maelstrom that pulls him two years later as Vice-Chancellor in the depth. Now the Chancellor must act.”


“witnessed The government, in these hours the most serious crisis since its inauguration. As before, it will not go any further. It also can’t. The events, which will take place on Friday, 18 at their output and for the members of the government, the turquoise, earlier – represent a turning point. […] The two main actors on the Video, Heinz-Christian Strache and club chief Johann Gudenus, in any case can not tell, she knew nothing of. How to according to the current state of the thing come out is unclear. The commitment to nothing Illegal intended, but at the same time all sorts of loopholes to suggest, is to be little. No, according to the current state, you will be out of this trap, which was provided to you, the fixes, but left their intentions and habits to kick open days will no longer come out. Since Friday, at 18, is the coalition in its current Form to the end. There is a new Vice-Chancellor arrives. A new coalition partner. Or New Elections.”


“Logical consequence: Strache needs to resign immediately, if this turquoise-blue coalition should be continued. The white of course, Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, will not watch idly. In the FPÖ is called for on all levels in pure. A further consequence would be immediate elections.”