Only a week ago in Germany, the clocks were changed, since the days feel even longer than it already in the last few weeks. However, it also depends on where you are located in Germany. Because the length of the days varies depending on the location, clearly, as the chart from Statista shows. So the shortest day of the year (22. December) in List on Sylt is only seven hours long, in Berchtesgaden in the South of the country, he is 8 hours and 25 minutes more than an hour longer. The days in summer are shorter.

of The 21. June takes between sunrise and sunset on the island of Sylt 17 hours and 22 minutes, in Berchtesgaden, only about 16 hours. The reason for the difference is that the earth is a rotating ball, which leads to day and night. On the other hand, the earth’s axis is tilted. As a result, the one-half of the year in the Northern hemisphere, of Germany, facing the sun