The image breaks the heart, even if you have no children. A little girl in a hospital bed, huddled and medical Devices connected to it. There are cases in which such an image can not prevent this, because health and disease are controllable. The heartbreaking thing about this case is that it is absolutely unnecessary.

Sophia Golledge, the girl in the picture, is, in fact, became at the age of only six years, the victim of bullying. It is not only among teenagers or in their professional life, but even among first graders. And even there, it is damage. Sophia has suffered so much that she became physically ill. Her mother, Carrie Golledge has posted the picture on Facebook, to set a sign against bullying and for greater humanity.

bullying among six-year-old

“The bullying,” writes Golledge, and post a Declaration of love to your child, at the same time anger and despair speak: “This is my child who has ceased to eat, to sleep crying and so terrified, that you had to pass 20 Times in an hour.” Sophia had been annoyed by her “best friend” for so long and exploited, until they thought it was normal, according to her mother.

the parents of the children who had angered them, and the school had been no help – quite the contrary. According to Golledge, the school had not taken the problems seriously, and even Sophia felt responsible for it. “These are six-year-old”, have you said to her. So Sophia had always been more afraid to go at all in the school, told Carrie Golledge the “Mirror”. Sophia had been crying “non-stop”, when she came home.

Sophia had to pass 20 Times in a hour

The mental strain resulted in the girls also to physical problems. In the nights, their daughter had suffered from stomach problems and Nausea, several times, you therefore had to be hospitalized. “Towards the end of the summer it was so bad that Sophia could not walk for some weeks to school because they suffered from a strong Nausea. She was awake all night and had to pass 20 Times in an hour.” Added to this was the high fever.

Carrie Golledge has decided to go with the story of their daughter to the Public, to make awareness of the Problem: “This is the story of my child, but it is only one of many – far too many!” The Post was shared on Facebook almost 280,000 Times, a lot of users to talk to the mother and daughter in the comments courage. “I had thousands of messages from parents who have thanked me for my Post, because your child is the same,” said Golledge the “Mirror”. Meanwhile, Sophia has changed the school in your new class, you will hopefully find better friends.