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British-Airways-flight to landing, evacuated (12.34 PM)called twenties prosecution in Switzerland, “ridiculous” (11.49 a.m.)To child-fall in London: a Suspected offender comes before the youth wants the Federal environment Agency judges (6.33 hours), and cars with high CO2 emissions more expensive (4.38 p.m.)Trump can be assets of Venezuelan government in the United States to freeze (3.54 PM)US accuses China of Manipulation of the exchange rate (0.20 PM)

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+++ 14: 45: Shortly after the aircraft impact returns to flash again a +++

An aircraft of the Lufthansa-subsidiary Swiss is shortly after the Start, in Zurich, of a flash. The Airbus A321 was returned to on the way to Amsterdam, after the incident, but again and landed in Zurich. The on the Internet retrieval of the flight data. The Swiss announced on Tuesday, the Swiss news Agency SDA, there was no danger to the 165 passengers aboard the flight LX724.

The machine was started because of a lightning storm over the airport with more than 90 minutes late to 8.59 PM. Shortly after the Start, the aircraft was struck by lightning. The pilots had not detected any impact, but it is still to be decided, according to Zurich return. This is the normal procedure after a lightning strike, said the spokesman. The A321 landed 40 minutes after the Start, again in Zurich. The passengers were rebooked on other Connections.

+++ 14.45: Fatal dog attack: holder condemns +++

More than two years after the deadly attack of a dog on a 72-year-old woman in Baden-Württemberg, against the dog’s owner imposed suspended sentences for negligent homicide are legally binding. The higher regional court of Stuttgart rejected in a published decision, the Revision of the two accused. A 49-year-old man was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of two years probation, his 45 year old wife to one and a half years. (Az. 1 Rv 26 Ss 624/19)

The Couple had on his property in Stetten am kalten Markt, two Kangal dogs kept. In may 2017, a dog jumped over a 1.20 Meter high fence around the garden and attacked a 72-year-old passer-by. The woman died of the consequences of the massive blood loss she had suffered by the bites of the dog in the head and neck area. The courts came to the conclusion that the dog had a holder in breach of their duty of care. They justified this, among other things, that the fence given the size of the dog must be 2.50 meters would be high. In addition, the collar of the dog, where the animal was chained to was, therefore, massively worn out.

+++ 13: 39: Powerbank unit, on a flight to Düsseldorf on fire +++

On a flight from Milan to Düsseldorf is in the passenger cabin for a jacket on fire. From a faulty Powerbank – the mobile energy storage in the clothes of a passenger single stitch came, according to information from the crew of flame, such as the Federal Bureau of aircraft accidents investigation in Braunschweig reported. The cabin crew have extinguished the fire, the captain had landed on schedule in Düsseldorf, Germany, informed the airline eurowings. The incident was already on 16. May occur – first, the “image”newspaper reported. According to Eurowings the passenger safety was never compromised, no one was hurt.

+++ 13.38 PM: airport-in-chief relies on BER-opening in October, 2020 +++

More than seven years after the ruptured opening of the Airport CEO Engelbert Lütke Daldrup sees the capital airport BER on the finishing straight. “The time goals are stable and the opening in October 2020 is not compromised,” he explained the airport Committee of the Brandenburg Landtag. The airport’s chief expressed optimism on the ongoing Tüv Tests. “Because we have subjected the plants already successful pretests.”

+++ 13.37 PM: Eastern Ukraine: at Least four Dead in battle +++

In the East of Ukraine have been killed in spite of a new ceasefire in Fighting between government units and Pro-Russian separatists, at least four Ukrainian soldiers. Another soldier had been injured by an explosive device, reported the army. The violations of the since 21. July existing open-ended truce had been made in the Donetsk area. The rebels accused the government side to have opened fire. They made no own losses.

It was the first such agreement since the inauguration of President Volodymyr Selenskyj in may. He had just replaced on Monday, three months ago, used commander-in-chief for the war zone. Parts of the territories of Luhansk and Donetsk to be dominated in 2014 by the militants, supported by Russia.

+++ 12.57 PM: Norway: family hopes for Survival of the missing millionaire’s wife +++

The family of the disappeared Norwegian millionaire wife Anne-Elisabeth Hagen will not give up the hope that the woman is alive, contrary to the suspicions of the police. You’ve communicated recently, and Norwegian with the alleged kidnappers, said the family’s lawyer Svein Holden at a press conference in Oslo. “It is clear that Anne-Elisabeth Hagen is still alive. But we have not received evidence that that’s true.” On 8. July you have received, however, information that could know people that were responsible for her Disappearance.

Hagen was on the 31. October 2018, out of their family house in Lørenskog near Oslo disappeared. Since about nine months of every life missing characters from the 69-year-old wife of the Investor’s Tom Hagen, one of the 200 richest people in Norway.

+++ 12.52 PM: lioness in the Leipzig Zoo, her two newborn puppies +++

In the Leipzig Zoo eats two a few-day-old lion cubs were eaten by their mother. As the animal Park told, had in the rearing of the young, inexperienced lioness until then, intense and good to have your puppy taken care of. On Monday evening you have to eat them during grooming in the separate so-called mother tube suddenly inflated. Apparently it had gone mother and offspring before, well, it said. More detailed information on the Events is not going to give it, because an autopsy of the young animals is impossible. The lioness was then, overall, a peaceful impression, as the Zoo announced. You should stay a few days in the shielded portion of the enclosure and then again with each other come together.

+++ 12.34 PM: smoke in the cabin: British Airways flight was evacuated after landing +++

A plane with 175 passengers on Board has been evacuated because of smoke in the cabin after landing in Valencia, Spain, on Monday. The shared die British airline British Airways. As the reason for the incident on Board the machine, which was launched on Monday afternoon in London, Heathrow, the Airline technical problems. Three passengers were transported as a precautionary measure, temporarily to the hospital, according to the airline. But they were dismissed once again.

A BBC journalist, who happened to be on Board, reported that the cabin had filled up about ten minutes before the scheduled landing, “very fast” with smoke. An announcement of the occupation did not exist. The images, which circulated in social media course that was thicker see white smoke. A passenger wrote on Twitter, the experience felt “like a Horror movie”. After landing the aircraft was evacuated via the emergency slides. “We were told that we should race and so far from the aircraft to get away as we can,” said the BBC editor.

+++ 12.23 PM: A man after explosions in a Siberian ammunition depot +++

missing After the Explosion at an ammunition depot of the Russian army in Siberia, a man was missing. Twelve other people were injured, thousands of residents were brought to safety, reported the news Agency Tass, citing the Ministry of defense in Moscow. The fire was, according to the armed forces, meanwhile, under control. The Governor of the Region of Krasnoyarsk, Alexander Uss, said that there is a Missing. According to the authorities, representatives of more than 9500 people had to be brought to safety; around 6,000 more had to leave their homes as a precaution on a voluntary basis. First of all, the talk had been of seven injured.