Berlin: vans E overrun-Scooter-rider

has once Again been in an accident with a E-Scooter in Berlin a woman seriously injured. The police announced on Friday, rushed the 33-Year-old on Thursday night, for yet unknown reasons, crashed into a parked car and was subsequently run over by a Small truck. Rescuers brought them with several bone fractures in a hospital. On the same day, a tourist with your E was pushed scooters to the side against a Truck and had suffered an open femur fracture.

source: DPA

Brunswick: man in old clothes Container stuck and dies

Because of him in the pouch, and slid his key accidentally from the Hand, is a man in Braunschweig, Germany in an old clothes Container, climbed. The 43-Year-old remained on Wednesday stuck and could not free due to the special locking mechanism of the container itself. A witness who discovered the helpless man, informed the rescue workers. The one delivered to him unconscious and with life-threatening injuries in a hospital. As the police reported on Friday, he died on Thursday evening.

source: police Braunschweig

Burscheid: the son is said to have stabbed to death his 70-year-old father – arrest

A 45-year-old man is said to have stabbed his father in Burscheid, near Cologne, on a road. The police announced on Friday, had been stabbed 70-Year-old on Thursday low. Despite emergency surgery he died shortly afterwards in hospital from his injuries. Special forces had taken on Thursday evening, strongly suspects son in his home. The backgrounds are indeed still unclear. A homicide is determined.

source: DPA

Buchholz: Three injured in a serious accident with rescue

car is In an accident with an ambulance in lower Saxony on Thursday, three people life part been dangerously injured. As the police in the town of Buchholz in der Nordheide announced on Thursday evening, was off the vehicle in case of a medical transport from the initially unclear reasons on a country road off the road and hit a tree rebounded. It was partially destroyed.

An 87-year-old patient, and when your back in the treatment room, Seating the end of the 54-year-old employee of the rescue service were in the accident near the village of Wulfsen injured life-threatening. The driver suffered serious injuries. The ambulance, the older woman should bring to a medical examination home.

The cause of the accident was initially unclear. The vehicle drove without a blue light. It was reported at the end of a slight curve of the roadway and came up with the structure against a tree. As a result, this was demolished in part. Evidence of involvement of other cars it was first. The Prosecutor left the wreck for further investigation of the accident cause seizures.

source: AFP

Düsseldorf: passenger bus driver at the airport, low

In the case of a knife attack in a bus stabbing on Thursday evening at the düsseldorf airport, the 55-year-old bus driver dangerous to life had been violated. The alleged perpetrator, a 37-Year-old, had been caught and the guard brought, said a police spokesman. It was probably a targeted attack. The man was obviously confused mentally, so the police on Friday. He has already been accommodated on Thursday in a psychiatric hospital. The motive of the act remained unclear. Other passengers in the Bus were not injured. The 55-Year-old was taken to a hospital.


In this bus, the man attacked the bus driver with a knife and wounded him in a dangerous life.

©Marcel Kusch Picture-Alliance

source: dpa

Wiesbaden: police switches largest drug store from

to The police is a big blow against drug crime in Germany succeeded. As the Federal criminal police office (BKA) announced on Friday in Wiesbaden, Germany, was Germany’s biggest drug store after months of investigation shut down. Eleven of the suspected person in charge of the platform had been taken because of the urgent Tatverdachts of the band even trade in drugs, in no small quantity.

As the main suspect, a 26-year-old man, the established drug store with the name of the “Chemical Revolution” in September 2017, and then with the other suspects operated jointly to apply according to the investigators. The man was born in the district of Munich.

news of Thursday, 27. June

Hamburg: man shot alleged shooter turns

In Hamburg-Lohbrügge was shot dead on Thursday evening by a man. A little later two of the Suspects were arrested, the police announced. A third suspect turned himself in voluntarily to the police. Also, the alleged murder weapon was secured. Made possible backgrounds of the investigators are not. Information about the victims was not yet available.

The offense had occurred in the early evening at the Lohbrugger market. The place was cordoned off with red-and-white barrier tape to see numerous police cars were. The man who turned himself in to the police, is reported to be a 28-year-old German. He was also the alleged shooter. In the case of the other two arrested, according to police, the two accomplices from Russia at the age of 42 and 44 years. How, exactly, they are supposed to be involved in the fact, was unclear. According to police, several shots were fired. A homicide took over the investigation. The police sought witnesses who had observed the fact, or information about the Suspect can give.

source: DPA

Raunheim: 200 people storm lake

More than hot it was on Wednesday afternoon in a public bathroom at the Raunheimer Waldsee (Germany). Due to the high summer temperatures, hundreds of swimmers came to the lake to cool off. After the inlet because of the traffic and for safety reasons, shortly before 16 o’clock has been closed, the Situation escalated. About 200 people did not want to accept this and tried to enter forcibly to the area. As the police reported, they hurled rocks in the direction of the entrance and insulted by the security personnel to the Worst. Thus, 13 of the strip crews were on the spot , the angry mob back. Later, the officers blocked the driveway. Then, 50 people should have tried to enter via a back entrance to the lake. Also this could prevent the police.

source: police vehicle

Halver: dispute between two drivers escalated inside

In Halver (NRW) has escalated a dispute between two drivers on Wednesday completely. On the occasion of the dispute was, according to the police, that one of the two women, instead of the allowed 50 miles an hour just drove with pace 30 by a road. A 47-Year-old got excited about it in such a way that you can drive the slow-moving woman by horn and hand sign animated, faster. As a reaction the woman had shown her, among other things, the middle finger, said the officials. As the 47-tried to-Year, ultimately, to overtake, have accelerated the woman suddenly.

Whose Version of the incident sound, however, is different. The 50-Year-old that your opponent cherte after Overtaking a sharp one and you are forced so strongly to brake to prevent a collision. It is established, however, that the Situation escalated a little later in a Parking lot. After mutual insults both women beat on each other. The 50-Year-old had gone to ground, and the three years younger opponent on several occasions been kicked. The alleged “slow rider” had to car for treatment of their injuries by rescue to a hospital, the 47-Year-old was slightly injured, it says.

The police are now investigating due to coercion, assault and insult.

source: police Märkischer Kreis

Gelsenkirchen, Germany: 21-Year-old outdoor pool guest

The dispute between two men in an outdoor pool in Gelsenkirchen stings ended on Wednesday evening for a 23-Year-old in the hospital. The police announced on Thursday, together he fell for yet unknown reasons with a 21-Year-old. The a pursued him, according to witness statements, first by the pool, and then stabbed with a knife on him. The 23 was injured-Year-old hard. He was emergency surgery in a hospital. The first investigation, according to the argument of a prolonged dispute between the two parties to the conflict with Turkish Background should be preceded. The alleged perpetrator fled before the Arrival of the police and has not been found in spite of immediately initiated investigation yet.

source: police Gelsenkirchen

Berlin: eleven-year-old was robbing the Store and threatened store clerk with scissors

A fifth-grader has attacked on Wednesday afternoon in the Berlin district of Pankow, a stationery store and the saleswoman with a pair of scissors threatens. As the police reported on Thursday, was the eleven-year-old from the employees first plurality of scissors show. Then he took one of them and the 61-Year-old have threatened. He also demanded cash. As the seller is announced to alert the police, threatened the “Little”Criminals to beat up and grabbed a behind the counter opposite the money exchange. His escape failed. First of all, he lost his prey, he ran the police officials up in arms. Accordingly, the officers found in his pocket a cutter knife. After that, the police was handed over to known student and his parents.

source: police in Berlin

new churches: woman’s body in the well discovered, is the son of the victim

arrested In a well shaft in the new churches in the Northern part of the münsterland, was discovered on Wednesday in a woman’s body. The fountain is located on the site of a large plant nursery and tree nursery. “On the body of 80-Year-old, the police found at least a hematoma,“ said attorney Martin Botzenhardt on Thursday in Münster. “The circumstances that led to the death of the woman, are currently unclear. The reason for the violation, an accident can happen, or the use of blunt violence to be a foreign can not be excluded to the fault currently.“ The victim appears to be the owner of the nursery. “The first investigations have shown the beginning of a suspicion against the 54-year-old son of the new kirchnerin,” said Joachim Poll, head of the murder Commission, on Thursday. The man had been on Wednesday provisionally arrested. The corpse of his mother is now at the University hospital of Münster, where an autopsy was conducted.

source: police Steinfurt

news from Germany, from Wednesday, 26. June

Brandenburg: police stop naked scooter driver

he Probably was hoping for a cooling ride the wind: Completely naked except for helmet and sandals, a motor scooter driver in Brandenburg, was on the way. When the police stopped him on Monday in temperatures of over 30 degrees, said the officials: “Et is hot, huh?” The police tweeted two images of the not-to-recognize – nudie on Wednesday. Consequences don’t have to fear the man, but first, said a police spokesman. For it is only when someone can feel by the naked to be disturbed, it’ll be because of “public nuisance” to the offense. The officials noted, therefore, only the identity of the naked driver and asked him his pants back on. Then he was allowed to continue.

source: DPA

Paderborn: man loses forearm in swimming accident

Heavy Badeunglück on Habichtsee in Paderborn. There a man has when Jumping from a tree into the water, the forearm torn off. As the officials reported that a went against 20.40 of the emergency. On the arrival of the rescue forces friends had brought the injured are already out of the water, and first aid. According to the initial investigation, hung on the tree ropes, with the people on the water were able to swing to fall into the water. On Tuesday evening, several people climbed the tree to jump from about eight to ten meters into the water. The 24-Year-old. On small boards, which were nailed as a climbing aid to the tree, he was climbing a tree, and from tens of meters altitude jumped down, when his Arm tangled in one of the from the tree hanging ropes. The rope severed the forearm, and the man fell severely wounded into the water. Also, the severed forearm fell into the lake and went under.


Here at the Habichtsee the accident happened. Bathing is prohibited here.

©district police authority of Paderborn

the divers of the fire brigade were able to salvage the Arm in a water depth of about two and a half meters. The victim was with an ambulance, under medical supplyto a nearby barracks where the requested rescue helicopter had landed. The man was flown to a specialty hospital in Bochum, Germany. Danger to life is not, according to the doctors. Because it is the injured man and his companions to British soldiers, was also the military police in use.


police officers show the rope, the disengagement of the young man’s undoing.

©district police authority of Paderborn

source: district police has had authority Paderborn

Haltern am see: mass brawl on the Pommes-Bude

Due to a mass brawl in a swimming pool on Tuesday evening, the police in Recklinghausen. As the officials reported on Wednesday morning, was reported at 18 o’clock a brawl between ten and 20 people. When the officers arrived, had separated the counterparty again. Three Participants had slight injuries, but had to go to the hospital. Previously, a 15 – and a 16-were-Year-old with a 27-Year-old at a Kiosk in dispute. It came to a brawl, to the more well-Known 27-Year-old involved. They accused each other with a broken bottle threatened. Apparently, chairs and garbage were used the bucket as an impact tool. The police took the personal details of twelve men between the ages of 15 and 27 years. They were given the space references, and get a display.

source: police Recklinghausen

Gelsenkirchen: driver flees after checking with a police officer in the car

With a COP in his car a 27, has tried to-Year-old in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, to flee during a traffic stop. When you Check the papers, was noticed by officials that the man of a warrant, the police announced on Wednesday. When he resisted arrest, tried one of the officers to pull the key from the passenger side from the ignition switch. As a result, the 27-Year-old Gas and drove off, the policeman fell into the car. With multiple prompts, beatings and the use of pepper spray, the police officer tried to bring the man to Stop. Slower this according to the police, when the officers threatened to use his gun. After a collision with a parked car and a garage door, the car finally came to a stop.

The man initially fled on foot, but could be a little later, by lighter notes fixed. He was serving his sentence in a prison. Both officers injured in the use of on Monday evening.

source: DPA

Peine: 14-Year-old straight-a OJ

The 14-year-old Mandy Hoffmann, based in Peine, has passed the Abitur with grade 1.0. According to information provided by your school in Braunschweig, it is likely to be one of the youngest graduates in Germany with the statements. From the autumn to the highly gifted student would like to study math and chemistry at the Technical University in Braunschweig. “The two subjects interest me the most,” she told the German press Agency.

Which career should come out in the end, you have no idea. Local Newspapers reported that she sees her Talent, not so much in focus, and the word gifted is not used much. “Now, if something hype is created, annoys me the more,” said the 14-Year-old after the first articles. After graduation, she is looking forward now to the leisure up to the Uni-Start. “Since we were just on holiday, renovate we may be my room.”


in lower Saxony, recent high school graduate Mandy Hoffmann in front of their school. It has passed 14 years, the Abitur with grade 1.0

©Katrin Hoffmann Picture Alliance

source: dpa

pour: 38 injured in a chlorine accident, have been injured in hessischem outdoor swimming pool

In the case of a chlorine accident in a swimming pool in the Hessian town of reiskirchen 38 bathers, most of them children. Many swimmers have complained on Tuesday afternoon on respiratory tract irritation, coughing and skin irritations, explained to the police headquarters Central Hesse in the evening. Rescue forces served 38 people, eight of which as a precautionary measure in clinics were brought up. The reason for the complaints about the increased chlorine concentration in the water was, the police announced. It was unclear initially how it happened. The swimming area has been set.

source: AFP

news from Germany, from Tuesday, 25. June

Euskirchen: man leaves dog in heat in minibus

The police Euskirchen had to free a dog from an overheated minibus. As the officials reported on Tuesday, were passers-by on Sunday the attention of the afternoon at the groaning and whimpering animal that was trapped in a Parking lot at around 31 degrees Celsius before a thermal bath in a Camping Bus. Although the animal had a small bowl of water in the car, when the officers, however, opened the door, panting, the Rhodesian Ridgeback already. “When you Open the camping bus, as an animal not feel, in spite of the ventilation structure with a strong build-up of heat in the interior of the vehicle to the left of every dog owner to come to the conclusion, here, even briefly, to accommodate”, – stated in the message.

By means of a loudspeaker announcement, the holder has a call in to the Spa world and to the entrance to the area called. When the officers told the man about the non-species-appropriate accommodation of his dog in a parked car, the 34-Year-old unapologetic and uncooperative. He didn’t want to betray how long he was gone. While the successful identity determination, led the man to his dog in the reception area of the Spa world, where the recovery is increasingly apparent. Against the man from Geilenkirchen, a criminal case was initiated. It was an Offence under the animal protection act.

👮☝ please no children and Pets in the car. Unfortunately, it always comes back to: dog in a closed vehicle…

Posted by police of NRW, Euskirchen, Germany on Tuesday, 25. June 2019

source: district police authority Euskirchen

Wilhelmshaven, Germany: 16-Year-old device with a leg in the propeller

On the Banter see lake in Wilhelmshaven, a 16-Year-old is killed in an accident on Monday afternoon, hard. The police announced, was the abortion of her three-year-old sister with an inflatable swimming ring. Then you, as well as two teenagers and a nine-year-old tried to rescue the girl. The also alerted to water rescue, firefighters drove a The crew of the used boat lot and was able to save all four. When inside got to pull in the lifeboat, the 16-Year-old, however, with a leg in the propeller of the boat and was severely injured. In the evening it was transported by a rescue helicopter after Hanover, the other people in a local hospital. They could now be dismissed. Both the Affected as well as their parents, were cared for in the evening of Emergency pastors. The used rescue boat was examined, it was found no malfunction. The police has filed a case against the three by the fire Department to the rescue of persons employed routinely investigation for negligent injury, the investigations are ongoing.

source: police Wilhelmshaven / Friesland

Münster: dispute between motorists and cyclists

escalated To a dispute between a motorist and a cyclist, the police of Münster is looking for witnesses. As the officials reported on Tuesday, occurred the incident, already on 18. June on the Bismarckallee. Therefore, a cyclist swore at a motorist through the open window with the words “bum” and “stupid drivers”. As the Car driver stopped his car and got out, to put the cyclists to the speech, pulled out a can of pepper spray and injured the 63-Year-old so easily. Two witnesses came to the driver to help while the cyclist escaped. According to him, the police have an APB out now.

source: police Münster

Hamburg: pensioner drives into group of Pedestrians

In Hamburg, drove a pensioner into a group of Pedestrians and injured a little girl is hard. As the police reported on Tuesday, wanted to cross the two women with the child on a pedestrian traffic light at Green street, as the 82-Year-old ignored the applicable red light and the pedestrian with his Mercedes covered. The nine-year-old girl was thrown onto the hood and then to the ground. It suffered severe injuries and had to be put under medical monitoring in a hospital. Lives are in danger, according to police. The two women were slightly injured and had to be taken to hospital. They were released to outpatient treatment. Four other persons suffered as a witness of the accident in shock and were supervised on site by a crisis intervention team.

source: the Hamburg police

A81 at Sulz: wrong-way driver on the highway

A pensioner has turned on Monday morning on the highway at Sulz, and before that he was heading in the wrong direction. As the police reported on Tuesday morning, drove the 70-Year-old with his white Skoda Fabia at the connection point Sulz on the highway in the direction of Stuttgart. Due to various building sites, including the permanent blocking in the area of the connection Received a point, was irritated the man, apparently, and lost the orientation. Therefore, he turned in a quick decision, and drove back the opposite direction of travel in the fast Lane in the direction of Sulz. The police believe that a large number of traffic participants have been endangered, on the A81. A viewing was prevented by open the wrong driver on the next trip, he blocked the Skoda with his vehicle until the Arrival of the police. The led him to the next Parking lot. The officials ask for traffic participants who were at risk of the wrong driver to report to.

source: police Tuttlingen

Remscheid: Baby scalded with the hot cleaning water

In Remscheid (North Rhine-Westphalia) has been violated in the evening, a Baby is difficult. As the police reported on Tuesday morning, had parked a father of a family in a room of a residential building a cleaning bucket with hot water on the floor. He then left the room briefly to go to the kitchen, crawled to his eleven-month-old daughter to the bucket and pulled himself up. The bucket tipped over and the hot water poured over the girl. The child suffered severe scalding. It was treated on site by an ambulance, and then with a rescue helicopter into a special clinic to Bochum flown. Lives are in danger, according to police.

source: police in Wuppertal

news of Monday, 24. June

Cham: Ausgebüxte elephants stroll through this small town

There were amazed motorists in the upper fälzischen Cham is not bad: On Monday around lunch time for at least two full-grown elephants on the road of the small town. As the “Chamer Zeitung” reported, they were escaped from a circus, which is being hosted this week in the city. Motorists filmed and photographed the elephant and called the police. The recordings were then on various Social Media platforms. According to the report, the circus employees had captured the animals back, before the officers arrived. If damage occurs as a result remained unclear.


Two ausgebüxte elephant surprised motorists in the Bavarian town of Cham

©Screenshot of the Facebook

source: “Chamer Zeitung”

Munich: Stalker Revered kisses awake – warrant

In Munich, received a 43-Year-old in the middle of the night uninvited visit of a Stalker. Therefore, women had gained at the weekend but still can’t access to the apartment of her Revered and kissed, as he slept. The 33-Year-old had been in the same night arrested, police wrote.

The woman had met the man at the beginning of 2017 during his holiday in Austria, fell in love and followed him. Although the 43-don’t let Years of your many times made it clear that he wishes no contact with you. Also, criminal charges and a court no-Contact orders did not stop the Stalker, the police announced on Monday.

In the night to Saturday, she broke into the apartment of the man, and kissed the Sleeping, and called the police. Because the woman no fixed abode, issued a determination of judge arrest warrant. Against the 33-Year-old will be determined, among other things, sexual assault and stalking.

sources: DPA / police in Munich

Euskirchen: 20-Year-old “collides” Hitchhiking with mirrors

An incident with a drunken man on a Federal highway in North Rhine-Westphalia has proven to be an unusual type that Hitchhiking can be dangerous. The 20-Year-old had stretched out on the road hitchhikers typically the Arm – and fell to the right side mirror of a passing car, the police announced on Monday in Euskirchen.

The pedestrian injured his Hand and was with the life preserver.gswagen brought to the hospital, he was able to leave after outpatient treatment. The 20-Year-old had a 2.22 per Mille of alcohol in the blood.

source: AFP

Rössing: 70-Year-old drowns in a search action to the son,

In search of his supposedly in a lake, the disappeared son of a 70-year-old man drowned in lower Saxony. As the police in Hildesheim announced on Sunday evening, occurred the accident during a excursion of the family in a gravel pond at Rössing. Therefore, the father himself went in the lake, after his 39-year-old mentally disabled son in the water was occasionally to be seen.

This left the lake shortly afterwards, the father died in an accident but for reasons unknown. He was discovered by officials according to short out lifeless in the water. Resuscitation attempts by first-aiders, and rescue workers were unsuccessful.

source: AFP

Sanitz: Truck driver miss rescue alley

On the A20 needs respects on Saturday afternoon a Truck driver after an accident, formed a rescue alley a miss, and thereby requested rescue forces are hampered. As the police reported Sunday, occurred the accident in the vicinity of the connection point Sanitz in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the direction of Szczecin. A rescue helicopter is due to be in a temporary full closure of the roadway. Behind it in a traffic jam, the cars formed accordingly as prescribed for an emergency lane. A 56-year-old Lithuanians drove his tractor trailer through the alley and the disabled the to the salvage of accident-damaged vehicles as requested towing services. Also in a traffic jam, the occupants of the other cars had shown uncomprehending, they say. The police stopped the reckless truck driver, and punished his behavior with an increased fine, and a security in the amount of 500 Euro.

source: police headquarters Rostock,

Hemer: Naked man in the supermarket for a stir

In the frozen Department of a super market in North Rhine-Westphalia has a naked man puts a bizarre appearance. The 32-Year-old had moved out in the frozen food section of the market in Hemer complete, police said on Monday. As the puzzled customers, including children, called a seller, to had the man, at least his pants again and took flight. He grabbed “from a full course of a beer can”, drank from it, and in the fruit Department, in addition to a banana. “This he ate in a full run,” it said. Several sellers stopped the man who whirled the information according to a kick scooter around, to keep “the enemy from the body.”

Whether the man was looking for due to high temperatures only cooling, remained unclear. The police took the 32-Year-old is temporarily in custody, a breathalyzer test, he refused. The authorities are investigating them now because of predatory theft and exhibitionist acts.

source: dpa

Brandenburg: Increased risk of forest fires due to the heat wave

In the particularly vulnerable state of Brandenburg, the risk of forest fires increases due to heat, drought and emerging winds more. “The first fires were reported,” said the forest fire protection officer Raimund Engel on Monday on request. So broke out in the Lieberoser Heide, a fire. Especially the Wind of concern: a spark from rich because of the drought to spark a fire, said angel.

On Wednesday are expected to be in the state of Brandenburg temperatures around 34 to 39 degrees. Currently, the Ministry is according to the country environment in the country, Potsdam-Mittelmark, Barnim, Havel country and the Spree-Neisse and in Cottbus, the highest forest fire warning level of five circles. Angel expects that in the next few days across the country stage five will apply. Since the beginning of the year, according to the 220 forest fires were registered in the state.

source: dpa

Hamburg: 19-flees-Year-old with 209 km/h in front of the police

Not only without permission but also without consideration for other traffic participants has delivered a 19-Year-old on Friday night in a wild high-speed chase with the police. As the officials said, overtook the speeder on the A7, initially with a high rate of speed, a civilian Patrol. This is documented in the subsequent chase through the Elbtunnel pace 209 in the allowed 80 kilometers per hour. After the driver collided according to the report, at the tunnel exit, almost with a wall, accelerated again and went into the house break at the last Moment from the highway.

to rise After the man had been stopped by the use of forces, he refused at first, out of the car. Then he put the car in reverse and tried to escape on the highway. Only after the officers drew their service weapons, had prevented racers of his projects, reported to the police. He was taken into custody. It turned out that the young man has no driver’s license. after the completion of the measures he could go, his car remained at the police station. There have been initiated because of several offences, criminal proceedings. Among other things, on suspicion of driving without a licence, dangerous driving and Driving a prohibited vehicle race.

source: the Hamburg police

Germersheim: three-year “visit” to the police without the Knowledge of parents Fullscreen

After a long walk, a well-Known recognized the child.

©police inspection Germersheim star

In Germersheim, in Rhineland-Palatinate has undertaken a three-year-old girl on Sunday on his own authority and without the Knowledge of their parents for a walk. Passers-by noticed the Small, and brought them to the nearby police station. As reported by the police, could not say the runaway there, however, where she lives. But she was sure that the police officers lead the way. So she took a police officer on the Hand and ran off. “After a long walk, including several changes of direction across Germersheim, the young lady was, however, not so sure where it actually belongs,” reads the report. Luckily for the errant entourage, a friend of the mother saw the child and called them. She picked up her daughter immediately, safely on the ground. Apparently was able to sneak the girl out of the house, as her big brother who was supposed to watch her, for a Moment inattentive was.

source: police inspection of Germersheim

Limburg: world war II bomb explodes and rips a crater in the field

On a field in the Hessian town of Limburg-Ahlbach exploded a bomb – with a large crater as clearly visible Backlightingassenschaft. The suspected world war II bomb was ignited by a Long-timer, said on Monday, a police spokesman. In the night to Sunday it’s supposed to have a loud Bang given. The ordnance bomb disposal then confirmed, among other things, due to the shape of the crater, that it was a bomb. Was injured in the Explosion in free field, no one.

source: dpa

Paderborn: man in bed stabbed to death

Horrible crimes in the bedroom: In the case of a fatal knife attack on her sleeping husband was the wife of the victim in the bed and had to witness the murder. A 60-year-old suspect was taken after the fact on Saturday. Against him, the investigators have a warrant issued for the murder, the police in Bielefeld and the office of the public Prosecutor of Paderborn reported on Sunday together. The motive is unclear. Reports in the media, it is a fact within the relationship.

According to the message of the man on Saturday should be invaded in the morning shortly before 8: 00 a.m. through an open patio door into the house of the victim and on the bed, just awakened 50-Year-old with a hunting knife stabbed. The victim was bleeding out of stitches on the impact of the knife, such as an autopsy revealed, reported by investigators on Sunday.

in addition to The victims in the double bed, lying wife had according to the to help scream. You and the son of the couple, as well as a to help hurry witness would have overwhelmed the heavily drunken attacker after the fact and recorded. The Accused does not Express itself so far to the allegations. The motive for the murder was not clear, according to investigators.

Several Newspapers had reported that the suspect is supposed to be a Relative of the victim. A confirmation there of by the police on Sunday. The authorities put together a ten-member homicide.

source: dpa

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