While the main shopping time is crashed in Bruchsal near Karlsruhe, in the midst of a commercial area, a small plane and against the façade of a building market rebounded. Three people came to the first findings of the police were killed. It is reported to be the occupants of the aircraft. In the DIY store itself came, according to the current state at the time of the accident on Saturday afternoon, neither employees nor customers to harm.

the cause of The crash is still unclear. Also, the identity of the dead was not initially clarified. A police spokesman reported that there is evidence to suggest that it is a failed attempt to land. Apparently, the plane was turned off and then against the wall of the construction market in the commercial area, a police officer. What was was for a machine it is, and what is the flight route was also initially unclear.

Baumarkt vacated

On the pictures to see that the plane had apparently handled a fence and at the back against the building it was crashed into. On the facade were seen from the distance, only a few tracks. The building of the construction market was still cleared as a precaution.


The runway of the airfield in Bruchsal (image center) is located in the immediate vicinity of an industrial area

©Screenshot/Google Maps

Whether the collapse is threatened, could not tell the police first. The street in front of the Parking lot of the hardware store was closed on Saturday, the market itself remained closed. In the street, other shops such as a drugstore and an electronics retailer and fast-food restaurants are located.

right next to the hardware store a few hundred metres from the motorway, 5 a airfield with a grass runway is located. Usually take off and land there, according to the Association’s Executive Board only members of the air sports club Bruchsal.


views of the airfield in Bruchsal. In the immediate vicinity of a small plane is crashed on the facade of the Bauhaus construction market.

©Uli Deck DPA

on Thursday evening had come when a small plane crash in Tyrol, three men lost their lives. The aircraft was flown in the weather stone mountains against a rock wall and crashed there. The machine was launched in the Northern Italian city of Montichiari, and was supposed to land in the German Schwäbisch Hall. The crash occurred at around 2300 meters.

according to media reports, the Pilot of the end for the small aircraft should not have kept to the predetermined flight route. The three occupants of the machine in the Tyrol, came according to the interior Ministry, all from Baden-Württemberg. Whether it is in fact those three men at the age of 72, 57 and 56 years, could only ensure a DNA comparison, said a police spokesman.

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