According to “poor but sexy” is now “small but sexy”. It is the hope of many people in the housing market. May provide a reduced surface area for balance and compensate for, what increase in the price of rent and price increases in recent years? Already 40 percent of all households in major cities in Germany need to spend more than a third of their household income for gross rental income – a significant proportion, and according to expert opinion, much too much.

Nevertheless, the Trend to more expensive Housing in the cities is not over yet. Almost weekly, new horror stories doing the rounds, most recently on a house in Berlin, in which the tenants after a refurbishment of around 50 per cent more rent is demanded.

Who does not want to be in a Situation like this in the suburbs, only a good lawyer, or the escape will be to Small. The good news: from tiny flats, you can make amazing much. Numerous examples collected by the Gestalten Verlag in a new picture book together. The “Super stalls” from a pre-made, six-foot-square room that is put into a larger room, up to complex built-in furniture that fold, slide, take off and fold up.

often with the good old high bed, the celebrated German students-WGs of the Seventy, has once again emerged. But times are changing: The high-bed to 2018 is a well thought-out furniture, depending on the Situation, a bathroom, a kitchen, or several cabinets can be accommodated. Four bars from the hardware store are not more sufficient for a long time.

small apartments the same walk-in cabinets

Any Tricks to deal with the limited space, large mirrors and translucent walls. This brings more natural light into the room. To mini be minimized: Instead of stairs, for example, ladders used, and only very few small Apartments have a hallway or entrance hall. The price for a kitchen is directly behind the door or Sofa next to the stove.

A good hood, that’s for sure, by default, to a Mini-Apartment. Storage is found under beds, chairs and desks. And also some of the door space. At the end of the small same apartments walk-in cabinets, in which every square inch by built-in is used.

At this point, what distinguishes the apartments of their predecessors from the 20s. If you look at the designs of the Bauhaus architects, who were competing under the Banner of rationality and space savings, is there built-in furniture to see no trace. Apart from the special case of the “Frankfurt kitchen” stood around beds and closets in the interior of the time, almost innocently in the room, with a lot of air upwards and to the sides. The reasons for this are likely to be two-fold: The people had just as many consumer goods as you will need to build have sophisticated installations.

And: Complex installations are only profitable in condominiums. Those who rent, must remain movable, the next rent increase. The new minimalism of our time is thus made for the poorer among the Wealthy, but definitely not for low-income earners and people who need two Jobs to pay rent. He made prices even for cities with extremely high Square feet – only here, an appropriate ratio of purchase of real estate to design and installation of the elaborate interiors designed.

To the truth of our housing market, however, the land consumption per capita has been growing for decades. An average inhabited a German around 1960, and 16 in square meters, today it is $ 46.5 square meters, with an increasing trend. Alone between 2010 and 2016, the actually-used living space increased to 3.9 percent. Germany is thus the international.

In Russia, 22 square meters, in Nigeria, six square meters per head – the Latter corresponds to the Figures for Central Europe around 1900. A good part of the growing land consumption in Germany comes into effect, however, due to the ever-larger single-family homes in rural areas and in the suburbs. Their builders often remain up to the age of dwell therein, even if the children are long out of the house – also drives the statistics. In the cities, however, the land consumption per capita.

The cultural power to organize a small space is creative, can be independent of sociological and historical analyses is appreciated. A complete apartment for two people on 13 square meters, and to generate the feeling of Klaustrophopie a bravura piece, the ability of experienced interior designers is to accommodate. So shaped Mini-house in London, developed by the Designer Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama happen in the case of a trapezoid.

Only the bathroom is separated

“Classic living room is always precious and expensive. With our work we want a modern Lifestyle concepts to rethink and living room re-design,” says Jack Mama: “It’s growing a whole Generation in search of solutions for alternative Housing.” Light woods and pastel colors determine the atmosphere in his one-room concept. Only the bathroom is separated. Almost every piece of furniture in the living, dining and kitchen area is tailor-made and can be folded away or pulled out.

in Contrast, the 34 square meters, the architects from Elii in Madrid are measured, downright lush. They developed a concept of living on two levels. The increased area connects seamlessly to the height of the kitchen counter and has all the charm that you can look out of the, placed the bed directly to the stove and Vice versa. The sleeping area can be curtained off. The space underneath is not naturally given, but rather is organized in the Form of pull-out cabinets. A special and clean atmosphere, the Apartment receives light mint green panels gently with natural wood contrast.

at All the surfaces play in the Mini-Apartments have a larger role than elsewhere – after all, walls are usually absent, the papered or painted. Cheaper Standard white lacquer finish, an even cheaper are uncoated pressed wood panels, the spread, however, is a slightly rough atmosphere. A new Material called Fenix NTM is. NTM stands for Nano-Tech Material. The thus-coated panels have a matte surface, on the oily finger prints are not visible.

The plates, mostly for kitchen work surfaces used are also highly durable, and small scratches you can touch up with an iron – just as in the case of untreated wood. Fenix was used in a Parisian Apartment for a box-shaped dwelling, the bed, wardrobe and bathroom in one. With its matte Black-and it spreads a very elegant atmosphere. So stylish, so full of fantasy Live can look in a small space.