Not good news for the Federal Agency for work: According to a secret report of the German Federal court of auditors, the Figures of the unemployed in Germany are to be wrong. The reported the “BamS” and refers to the paper. For the report, the auditor samples were collected and the Numbers extrapolated. Accordingly, the files of around 290,000 unemployed people are wrong – as a result, the statistics of 115,000 unemployed fined.

A deliberate Manipulation of the court does not want to see – rather, it was a question of sloppiness. According to “BamS” would not be pursued in the job centres, the files of the Hartz-IV-recipients properly. “The support by the job centres was often interrupted for several months”, cited the sheet from the internal report. The Federal employment Agency indicates that there is no Manipulation of the statistics. And you’ve responded to the criticism: Using IT systems to be implausible cases tracked.

poverty in Germany

Every third unemployed person doesn’t even have enough money for full-fledged meals

Regularly fish, meat or an equivalent vegetarian food? Millions of people in Germany can’t afford to do that and other things as well, which are for the most quite normal.

DPA statistics on unemployment more transparent?

According to the research, the Federal Agency had proposed for the work of the Federal Ministry of labour, to make the unemployment statistics more transparent. Therefore, people who are older than 58 years, and for at least a year, no Job offers have to be counted, as unemployed. So far, they appear in the statistics under “employment”. The Minister of labour rejected this proposal – now, that may change, cited the “BamS” a speaker.

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labor market reform

What has brought the Agenda in 2010? And what, Martin Schulz, criticised, and rightly so?

The Agenda 2010 is considered the Foundation of a healthy German economy. Martin Schulz complained but the only one that workers and the unemployed pay the price. Here he wants to apply, and as a result, garners criticism. What are the social reform of Ex-Chancellor Schröder? What’s going on since then wrong?

DPA unemployment numbers are on the decline

The number of people in Germany are registered as unemployed, has been falling for years. Currently, there are still 2.373.000 people without a Job (February 2019). Thus, the Numbers had fallen officially to 33,000 compared to January. Compared to the same month last year, the number fell by a total of 173,000. These Figures are on a historical Low. Since reunification, the unemployment rate was never as low as it is currently at 5.3 percent. Although the economy in Germany cooled down appreciably this year, however, the recovery in Employment continues currently.