The Frankfurt attorney-at-law Seda Basay-Yildiz is hardened. You defended the alleged bodyguard of Bin Laden, Sami A, and represented in the Munich NSU process some in addition to plaintiff. Basay-Yildiz, therefore, is and has been for some time object of hatred by the extreme Right. Desert insults belong to the everyday life.

But the Fax that was received by the lawyer last August, had a different quality. This time, threatened the author, her daughter, and called her private address, such as the “Frankfurter Freie Presse“ reported. “Bad Türkensau!“, the Write starts at the lawyer. “You’re Germany, not finished. Fuck you dear, as long as you’re still alive, you bastard!“ The tone of the lawyer from Graffiti knows. But then it gets serious: “As a retaliation, ( … ), the battles we have your daughter, and M(…) R(…)str. (…).” It is signed “NSU 2.0.”.

investigations lead to several police officers

The Name of your two-year-old daughter and their home address were not known to the Public, said Basay-Yildiz the newspaper. “I couldn’t explain to me where the author of the letter has this data. Therefore, I turned to the police.”

In the course of the investigation, the investigator from the state came in contact with the protection, therefore, to colleagues from the first police station in Frankfurt. The data on the lawyer had been retrieved from a police computer the service. Jobs and apartments of the Suspects has been seized then searched, phones and hard drives. The result of the investigation: The Suspect exchanged through their mobile phones regularly, extreme right-wing content.


To the exchanged Chat messages police President Gerhard Bereswill said the Hessischer Rundfunk: “did, in fact, swastikas, Hitler images and the like.” In addition, the text had been news to ensure that would have been directed against refugees and the disabled. Chief public Prosecutor of Sneezing indicated that in addition to the five officials, other persons may be affected. “It is not yet clear how many Accused there at the end,“ she said.

Therefore, a determination procedure for sedition, and use of anti-constitutional symbols. The four men and one woman, all of whom are patrol officers, are exempted from duty. Whether this group Yildiz is also behind the Writing of Basay, yet a suspicion. The Prosecutor’s office keeps covered. But at least one thing is clear: Only through the criminal display of Basay-Yildiz the Nazi is blown-chat group of the police officers.