In the analysis of the DNA of the possible offender, the police should get considerably more possibilities. According to a draft law from the Federal Ministry of justice, the investigators should determine in the future, the age and the color of skin, eyes and hair.

This provides a draft for the Reform of the code of criminal procedure, which is present the German press Agency. Previously, the Funke media group had reported about it. Currently, may be determined in the case of unknown perpetrators, only the sex. A DNA comparison of traces at the crime scene with well-known tracks is allowed today already.

the CDU, CSU and SPD had agreed on the new regulation in the coalition agreement. The proposal of the Ministry of justice is now being discussed among the ministries, then the Cabinet takes a decision. On this, the Bundestag advises then.

The Federal Chairman of the Federal of German detective (BDK), Sebastian Fiedler, find the new ways in any case “extremely helpful”. “This is in many Investigation of high relevance. Can be used to exclude many of the alleged perpetrators at an early stage, with a certain probability of the wanted,” he says.

this is Exactly what the criminologist Tobias Singel stone of the Ruhr-University of Bochum is not a concern – even if he denies that the innovations could in some cases be helpful. “You have to ask yourself whether the benefits are worth the price. For example, there is the danger that investigators overstate the significance of the DNA results,” he explains. “These reflect only probabilities. This could lead to other investigative approaches are to be excluded at an early stage.”

From the perspective of Fiedler not a professional objection. “You work in the elucidation of crime is always with hypotheses, that is every police officer aware,” he says. “In the case of outstanding criminal cases, for example, we use Profiler, which can give clues to the culprit’s personality. This does not help us in the manhunt, even though it is hard facts.”

The Ministry of justice writes in its explanatory statement, the outward and visible body features could be “with a reasonable degree of prediction accuracy” can be determined. The biological age, the accuracy of sun in three to five years, up and down, in individual cases up to ten years – but also in the case of eye-witnesses of the case, the view of the age of a Person.

the planned expansions in the Gene analysis constitute an intervention in personality rights, also acknowledges the Ministry of justice, in his remarks to the Reform. This was relatively. “The determination of external characteristics of the engagement depth of the exploitation of a photograph or a video recording, which may be used for the investigation of crimes also. And also without technical AIDS witnesses can describe the Exterior of the accused.”

the Chairman of The Richterbunds, Jens Gnisa, argues in a similar way. “It takes the features, you can remove from a photo,” he explains on the radio program of SWR-of-date. The objection of a possible discrimination Gnisa does not apply. “Germany has since decades a lot of immigrants. In today’s time you can close out of the skin color which nationality a Person has, or where she was born.”

such A comprehensive, DNA-argued analysis was not directed against a particular group of people, and therefore not discriminatory, the Ministry. If genetic evidence indicated, however, members of a minority group, then it is not likely to make the “abuse of this circumstance within the meaning of racist sentiment or propaganda” lead. It was in the evaluation of witness statements or video recordings, but also not different.

The “biogeographic origin” – that is, the ethnic group should also not be determined. This is in contrast to skin or eye color also no clear externally recognisable attribute. Criminologist Singel stone still remains skeptical: “We can determine from a scientific point of view very much. How far you want to go? This is the last new feature? I don’t think we will stand here.”

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