August 2011. In the shore road in Fürstenwalde is to be built. There are earthworks in the garden of a property owner. First of all. Meanwhile, the murder determined Commission. Because of the construction, a decades-promote revealed past crime.

In a two-to three-metre deep shaft, the Overflow for an old cesspool, an almost complete human skeleton discovered. “The pit was filled in, but the shaft was still full of manure,” says Maik Zimmermann of the murder Commission in Frankfurt to the “Lausitzer Rundschau”. The bones were strong, and through the decades of storage in affected westernized, he in the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB).

The bones were medically examined. Now the result of the analysis is a profile of the victim:

The bones come from a woman.She was about 1.60 meters tall.You probably had dark hair.At the time of death she was about 20 years old.

a DNA image were able to create the investigators. Even a so-called soft made part of reconstruction, says Zimmermann, the RBB With the help of the bones of the skull and on the basis of average values – for example, “the thickness of the skin, and thus the shape of the skin” – created by the investigator a picture of the face of the victim. A picture of the the investigators also promise valuable information.

police: “This woman was not reported missing”

Because it is also certain that the woman was drowned in the cesspool – the times of the GDR, from 1965 to 1975, conclude the investigators, after analysis of textile fibers. The crime goes back more than 40 years. Why the woman might come due to “blunt-force trauma to the head death”, so the suspect after further investigation, do not know the investigators. Also, the identity of the dead is not clear. Where to start?


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investigators examine a number of missing cases, also from the times of the GDR. Zimmermann: “We have, approximately, compared to 90 cases at the end of a direct DNA evidence. Unfortunately, our unknown Dead was not.” A spokeswoman for the police Department in East confirmed to the star: “All missing persons, even from the times of the GDR, are already checked. This woman was not reported missing.”

The theory of the investigators: The young GDR citizen, wanted to settle, possibly, to West Germany, relatives and Acquaintances may have reported about it.

another clue for investigators is the cesspool. “You don’t know the circumstances of this pit there,” Zimmermann said to the RBB. Background: In the shore road in Fürstenwalde were able to be in the so-called adoption for secondary raw materials (Sero) is about glasses, bottles and waste paper discharged from the septic tank on the premises had, however, known only to a few people. “This means that We assume that the unknown perpetrator must have had a certain amount of local knowledge to this Sero-acceptance.”

Has worked for the perpetrators here?

The Peter Richter, who headed the Sero-acceptance of 1964/65 and 1975, and the investigators of the site in 2011 have shown, believes. “The shaft belonged to a toilet facility, two toilets for women and two for men, there was,” says the 75-Year-old to “Lusatian newspaper”. Approximately four by six meters, the terrain was great. The pit was found below it, and in about the same size, so it was very rarely full. “In the whole time I was there, it may have been emptied a Time,” recalls Richter.

About 25 people were working in the SERO-point, under his guidance, he estimates. Including drivers, passengers, and women, the sorted Recyclables. “It also has the facility of each up from the spree side of the Russians came over often with their boats,” said the judge to the “Lusatian newspaper”. Whether or not the offender has also worked on the Sero site, is also part of the investigation.

investigators are asking for your help

many questions are open. Therefore, the investigators make the case now to the public and ask the public for help. So far, a note to the police was received, a spokeswoman at the request of the star.

The homicide division of the police Directorate of East asks: Who can remember a young woman who disappeared in the 1960-ies out of your living environment, all of a sudden? She could see the woman in the phantom images similar to.


The phantom pictures of the unknown victim emerged after a so-called soft-tissue reconstruction of the found skull

©homicide division of the police Directorate of East

notes to accept the police inspection, Oder-Spree in Fürstenwalde at the phone number 03361/5680.

sources: RBB, “Lausitzer Rundschau”, the police Directorate of the East