Of the eight because of the danger of collapse and evacuated residential homes in Wuppertal have been released two. So 50 people are not affected, may return to their homes, said a spokeswoman for the city of Wuppertal.

The most could still get short of the most necessary things out of the houses. Only one house from the “Gründerzeit”, the cracks are so strong that it could not be more enter. “For those Affected, this is of course a very bad thing, that surprised you.”

The cause of mining damages may be – but this is still unclear. In the affected area, there had been a long time ago mining. In the proximity of a witness to an ancient Lore. Specialists of the mining supervision to be turned on, in order to clarify this and to go to the root cause.

Probably would have formed under the houses in North Rhine-Westphalia cavities. On Sunday, first of all, 70 people had to their homes because of the danger of collapse leave. The entire Area has been cordoned off.

There is a row of houses. At the most affected house burst parts of the façade and wide cracks were formed. Residents had chosen on Sunday afternoon to the emergency call, because to hear in one of the houses, a suspicious Crack was. Responders found further damage to the neighboring houses.

on site on Monday the fire brigade and Technical emergency services. The houses were monitored, with measurement points. The houses, the parked cars are, as a precaution, been towed. The crisis staff of the city was met.