In street fighting after the re-election of Indonesian President Joko Widodo arrived in Jakarta, at least six people were killed. In addition, there were more than 200 injured, as the Governor of the capital, Anies Baswedan, said.

the trigger for the protests are allegations by the losing candidate Prabowo Suhanto, in the case of the election, there had been massive fraud.

Several Hundred of his followers moved to the front of the building of the state election Commission. From the crowd flew to eye-witness stones reports on the security forces. Several cars went up in flames. The police used water cannons and tear gas. In addition, civil servants should have with rubber bullets on the protesters fired. That was the first, but no confirmation. At least 20 people were detained.

Prabowo accuses the President to have the election in mid-April manipulated. The election Commission rejects this. The official final result is that Joko has won, clearly. For the 57-year-old head of state, 55.5 percent voted accordingly. His opponent received only 44.5 percent. Prabowo (67) had announced after the announcement of his repeated defeat, “with all legal means” to fight it. The Ex-General had also already lost in 2014 and the election and then challenged in court – without success.

Indonesia is a state with more than 17,000 Islands – is the third-largest democracy and most populous Muslim country in the world. Of more than 260 million inhabitants, nearly 90 percent are Muslims. For a long time Indonesia was considered as a model for a tolerant Islam. Most recently, conservative forces gained influence.