More than 200 people have been shot to protect in Germany since 1990 by sport, says Journalist and author Roman Grafe. He has written ten years after the amok run of Winnenden a book. He portrays just running amok in Germany and the development of the weapons right, but also why politicians are content with sadness, instead of with the sports lobby to protect.

you have founded after the rampage of Winnenden, the Initiative “No murder weapons as sports weapons!”. Ten years have passed. Now you publish a book with the provocative title, “fun and death”.

First of all, this book the child should be called differently. In the four years of writing time has become clear to me what is at the core of the conflict: shooting with sharp weapons, Protect say. Risking the death of other sporting weapons-victims. It doesn’t hurt them, at least not so much that you renounce your deadly fun and toys. You call your pistols and rifles “sports equipment”. And the company allows. “By the sporting arms-delusions” is the subtitle of the book.

“fun and death: From sports weapons-madness – victims, perpetrators, lobbyists” of Roman Grafe, Mitteldeutscher Verlag, 30 Euro

If your book reads, one has the impression that, since 11. March 2009 has changed in Germany, as good as nothing: After amok, the concern is runs great, politicians find words of comfort for relatives, but then changes little. Or is it shortened?

in Short, it was said, more specifically, it’s worse: Even the comforting words appear, in retrospect, a liar. How deep was the often expressed “deep compassion”, if the managers are doing everything to avoid the Horror and suffering of such a school massacre in the future? As survivors from Winnenden requested that access to weapons is limited, said the group Chairman of the government parties to take “very seriously”. A few weeks later: sport shooters are allowed to continue to possess deadly weapons. And So it is today, the risk of further legal weapon murders continue unabated.

After the amok run of Winnenden, the age limit for the shoot was increased with large-caliber weapons. Weapons and ammunition must be securely separated from each other are stored. Gun owners need to be like that, the authority controls them “suspicion” at home. Is that enough, or pure cosmetics?

The pills are cheap sedative, sleep sand for the people. The conditions that have enabled the Winnenden school massacre, nothing was changed. Most of the German shooters-killer to keep their weapons, probably correctly, to the Day. And even small caliber weapons are deadly. Our Initiative had to protect the sport-rampage runs, from Lörrach, and Newtown pointed out, and that alone, you do not want to hear it. The legend of the weapons on the right-tightening is often believed. It’s hard to shake a collective myth, if myth serves the purpose of calming.


With a call to the truancy Initiative “No murder weapons as sports weapons tried!” after the Winnenden rampage, an effective tightening of the firearms act – in vain. Here, Roman Grafe, when Distributing the call to at 17. March 2009 before the Max Beckmann school in Frankfurt (Main).

©archives R. Grafe

Provide you with your call for a ban on fatal sports guns in Germany, not all Shooters under General suspicion? Most of them are really peaceful.

at Least you don’t have a shot and not do it in sight. Some have done it. Not so many that all of the disarms would have to be, to say the Protect. To many, that the company may continue to live with this deadly risk, we say. There is nothing to suggest that in the future, not a sport shooter, his weapon used, what it has been made: to Kill or Injure. But so far, the minority of the Protect your privilege of deadly sporting weapons may not always be successful.

agreement with accident Fund

gunman from Winnenden: father must pay 500,000 euros


How many people have signed up to the call of your Initiative?

In the four years after the Winnenden school massacre of about eight thousand citizens have signed the appeal to ban the deadly sport weapons. After that, only a few. More than 99 percent of Germans have no sharp sports weapons: After the data cleanup of the National weapons register has been the end of 2017, out of that only around 350,000 sports deadly shot to protect private arms.

In the UK, handguns for private people taboo. After 1996, in Dunblane, a sports shooter and 16 first graders and their teacher was shot, disarmed the conservative government and their citizens. Over a Million British people had demanded with a signature collection of such a weapons ban. The policy responded. Why do politicians in this country, so hard, to tighten the arms, really?

The weapons Lobby has been threatening for decades with their voters, potential. The German shooting Federation speech in 1993, in this context, “more than six million votes”. The sporty performance imaging DSB marched already to protect against the sports school massacre in Erfurt in 2002 at the top of the Protect Lobby. And even after the rampage in Winnenden, the DPO is struggling to today for unlimited shooting fun. Including semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifles and Glock pistols with 30-shot magazines, although these are no weapons for DSB competitions. And also Shotguns – thanks to DSB – still, for the equipping of peaceful sport shooters. With a shotgun, and a 30-Schusss-Glock, the Erfurt gunman was equipped. The floors of his Sport-gun have taken the body of the victim with a speed of about 1,200 km/h. Already one-sixth of which is sufficient to penetrate the skin and in the body can cause dangerous injuries. That’s how you do it murderers easily. The politicians do, the majority don’t mind. They are the lobbyists.


“Killed protect with firearms of sport” – victims-map of the sport murder weapons Initiative (1990 to 2018, without the suicides)


you Talk to are actually protecting with sports? How are those talks?

With the chief propagandists of the German contactoren Lobby, DSB Vice-President Jürgen Kohl’s home, I led public debates, several times in the ARD. Even with his boss, Josef Ambacher. The two have shamelessly cheated and lied. In part, it was grotesque. I described in detail in my book. In the case of a one-hour Live broadcast from Radio Bremen in a local club, several sports have gepöbelt protect loudly in between, as soon as I said something. Since a passes the desire to have conversations. I also get countless hate Mails from weapons fanatics, even death threats. Some shooters told us that they supported our demands. There were a few. A German masters agreed with me and said that it was embarrassing, to be Vice-President, Jürgen Kohl, home, says. Once I met with the President of a national Association for a confidential conversation. He said he was actually, in our opinion, but when he said the next day his marksmen, would not he long President.

will not be counted to protect The victims of sports in Germany officially. You can do that. How many people are there since 1990?

More than two hundred and fifty people have been killed since then in Germany, with the weapons of the shooters. In the ten years after the massacre in Winnenden, there were more than eighty. That means that seven Times as much as in the Winnenden school! It’s just that this victim of Protect-officials and politicians as a “regrettable individual cases” dismissed – nationwide, usually no greater attention had.


A student at the Realschule in Winnenden wrote a farewell letter during the amok run. You survived.

©archives R. Grafe

Give police and prosecutors willing to share information about the perpetrators and their weapons?

Mostly, Yes. Although more often only on demand, announced that the guns of the shooters legally purchased. Some of the requests of the Initiative were deported or completely blocked. As the possession of weapons would be a private matter of the offender. The numbers of victims and to document the groups of perpetrators of acts of violence in detail to the public, is really the task of the public security authorities. So the interior ministries of the Federation and the länder, the Federal criminal police office and the land offices of criminal investigation. This is part of crime prevention. The former head of unit weapons law in the Federal Ministry of Jürgen Brenneke asked already in 2005, to eliminate the “statistical cozy corner for legal gun owners”. In the UK, that happened a long time ago.

At one point in the book, they claim, the Federal interior lie the Ministry. Is that not excessive?

The BMI claimed 2014, in response to a parliamentary question, since the year 2000, 18 people had been killed by sport shooters. A tenth-graders to find out in a few minutes of Internet Research, that the sport protect-the victims number from Erfurt and Winnenden is soon twice as high. Second graders know: 31 to 18.

you have researched running amok in Germany in the last century. There is a pattern? What are the perpetrators?

the motives of The perpetrators are as varied as they themselves. The Why, the fact is never quite clear. The What, with what means, is a fact: most firearms-killing sprees were carried out with legal private weapons. This is true for all democratic States. The sport shooting spree in Jokela in Finland, wrote before his school massacre in 2007, in an Internet Forum: “Crazy Land, a Crazy man like me a gun.” This is the pattern.


sport shooters Association of people Bach: Here’s the Winnenden gunman Tim Kretschmer has to have the shoot trained

©R. Grafe

you can also contact members in Winnenden. How has changed the rampage, the lives of these people?

your children are dead. The sister, the brother. And in nearby Wendlingen, the gunman shot and killed two fathers. What is the power of the life of the bereaved, with a few words not to say. A little of which I have described in my book, a couple of dozen pages long.

What needs to happen so that there are no killing sprees more with weapons?

If the majority of citizens the basic defending right to life with the same dedication and power of attorney, as the minority of the legal weapon owner gives her the right to shoot freedom, then it is not a sport, murder weapons and more. The lobbyists are so strong, as parliamentarians, are weak. And parliamentarians are so weak that it can allow you to your voters. The key to the termination of the sporting weapons-delusion lies in the Parliament. There he lies for over a hundred years: The Bremen was legal weapons school massacre in 1913.

The Interview was conducted in written Form.

Roman Grafe is a Journalist, book author and filmmaker. On the day of the Winnenden school massacre in March 2009, he co-founded the Initiative “No murder weapons as sports weapons!”. He is the spokesman of the Initiative, the goal of a ban on lethal firearms, regardless of caliber, is. In 2010, Roman Grafe a, together with survivors from Winnenden, the German Federal constitutional court complaint against the German weapons law. 2009 and 2016, he spoke as an expert on weapons legislation in the German Bundestag. The “Winnenden Zeitung called the” Roman count “is probably the most controversial fighter in this Republic for a stricter weapons law”.