Would return Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman to Mexico, there would be a large. Even after the condemnation of the notorious drug bosses on Tuesday in New York, the 61-Year-old in his home is worshipped, the region still as a benefactor. For 25 years, smuggled “El Chapo” tons of cocaine and other drugs into the United States and led his cartel with the utmost brutality. However, the people in Sinaloa, the state that gave the cartel the names, tell a different story.

“not Since the Chapo, there is more poverty. The people have to go away to find work. Life has become harder,” said Jorge Valenzuela, from the village of Potrero de Bejarano.


El Chapo (l.) have at least killed three people, the witness in New York court trial against the drug Lord

©US Department of Justice AFP El Chapo is considered to be superhuman Hero

Guzman was born 61 years ago in the hamlet of La Tuna high in the Sierra Madre mountains in the district of Badiraguato. Here, he is still regarded as a superhuman Hero who ensured prosperity that the government can offer to the citizens.

the police is nowhere to be seen, only men with assault rifles and Walkie-Talkies patrolling in armored Pickups through the terrain. Many wearing caps with the number 701. 701 – that was guzmán’s place on the list of the richest people in the U.S. magazine “Forbes”. On a billion dollars (0,89 billion euros) was estimated to be assets.

drug boss sentenced

weapons, cans of food and tourists in the hall: the process against El Chapo


With songs, photos, and awards delivery to remind the people in the area of “El Chapo”. “He has distributed money to the people and seeds to drug plant,” recalled Valenzuela. “Now, no more power.”

Together with the States of Chihuahua and Durango, Sinaloa Mexico’s “Golden triangle” – a Region filled with marijuana and Opium fields, and is home to the worst drug dealers.

The people are full of praise

He grew up in “very modest, very poor” conditions, said Guzmán once said in an Interview with the actor Sean Penn for the magazine “Rolling Stone”. At 15, he got into the drug business – other Jobs did not exist.

Arm, the area is still. Nine out of ten people in Badiraguato life, according to official Figures, in poverty or extreme poverty. It is the poorest district in Sinaloa. Here there is the least amount of tar roads. More slopes on the mountain that lead to the drug fields.

trial of drugs Baron

Ex-Bodyguard grabs: El Chapo killed at least three times, even – in the most gruesome way

By Daniel Wüstenberg

On the drug trade is not spoken, is an unwritten law of the Region. But if you do, then the people are full of praise for Guzman. Since then, he’s gone, it is gone with the economy going downhill, say the owners of the small shops.

“in the past, was going on here, always something, it was constantly a little cart made with terrain in the mountains. Now dead is here. It is said that the people had hardly any money to live on,” says Jaime Laija, who runs a Local on the main road to Badiraguato. The host describes Guzman as a benefactor: “He helped the sick and gave them money.”

Some hoff to a third party the outbreak of the

Yet not all of them in Sinaloa to mourn the drug boss. The brutal violence has become less, says Cristóbal Castañeda, Minister of public security of the state. “After the extradition of guzmán’s cartel split, but in the meantime, the situation has stabilized and the crime rate.”


El Chapo paid Mexico’s Ex-President allegedly $ 100 million


The sentencing of the drug-boss was a “great moral victory”, says Mike Vigil, former head of international operations of the US drug enforcement Agency DEA. “But the Sinaloa cartel will continue as before,” he admits.

In Badiraguato hopes, meanwhile, of so many, that it is “to break out of manage El Chapo” for the third Time, as it to him twice during his detention in Mexico.

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